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Harri Laakko

Harri Laakko

IAM Sales Manager

Unlock your digital business potential with smooth and secure digital identity and access management

Have you counted how many different passwords you have for all the apps and services you need in your work? Giving and revoking access rights can be time-consuming and is prone to errors if you do it manually. Having incorrect access rights can lead to data leaks and loss of privacy. What about your customers? Can you reliably confirm their identities? Can you provide them with tools that allow them to control how their data is used?

The efficient handling of digital identities will unlock your digital business and give you a competitive advantage. With our unique experience in digital identity management and user authentication, we will help you to:

Manage digital identities securely. We help you to ensure the privacy and security of your customer data collection and handling.

Keep user accounts and privileges up-to-date. We help you set up automatic processes and approval workflows to ensure that users quickly get the credentials they need but only those and only when they need them.

Protect access to valuable data. Privileged accounts, such as administrator accounts, have access to precious data such as customer databases, configuration, and intellectual property. We help you with privileged access management solutions so your data stays protected.

Ensure a smooth user experience. Lessen the hassle of multiple user accounts and passwords. Your users will save time with single-sign-on solutions and passwordless authentication options that will also enhance the user experience.

Our digital identity and access management professionals work together with various organizations across industries to help build identity and access management solutions. With us, you will always have access to the wide knowledge and competence of the whole Nixu team of cybersecurity and privacy experts. We help your company thrive with your digital business, ensuring that trust, security, and business continuity are considered. Read more about our services and contact us.



Privacy Support

Our privacy support service offers privacy specialists to run your privacy program development. It will be tailored according to your organization's needs. Privacy support covers scheduled tasks, ad-hoc questions and crisis management. Continuous privacy support offers expertise at hand for everyday privacy issue, robust support at a crisis situation and expertly managed annual privacy program. A nominated privacy specialist will head the service, backed up by a multi-skilled team of cybersecurity, technology, IAM and legal experts. The service typically includes specialist ad-hoc advice for your DPOs, a team ready to assist in data breach cases and development of your privacy management capabilities.

Managed Identity and Access Management (MIAM)

The sudden explosive growth in demand and the changing capacity needs in digital services can be challenging. If your organization does not keep up with maintaining secure digital services and improving customer experience, the end-users might switch service providers easily due to poor user experience. The lack of transparency in data processing and data security is another no-go for many users, so your identity handling processes must inspire confidence.

Nixu Managed Identity Service (Nixu MIAM) is a turnkey solution providing you with an all-inclusive digital identity journey that meets your digital business requirements – privacy-by-design and security built-in. We will take care of running, hosting, and continuously improving the service.

Nixu MIAM focuses on consumer and business-to-business identity and access management, but the technologies behind the service are also able to provide identity governance (IGA), IoT device management, and workforce IAM capabilities.

 Contact us to ask for more information.

Managed Privileged Access Management (PAM)

Managing administrator accounts and other privileged credentials can be time-consuming for you IT. Privileged permissions typically accumulate because nobody remembers to remove them. Giving excessive permissions violates the principle of least privilege, and sharing admin credentials prevents you from having a proper audit trail. All this paves the way for cybercriminals who can use compromised credentials to lateral movement within the organization, resulting in serious data leaks.

Our Managed Privileged Access Management (PAM) service helps you with all kinds of privileged accounts: Windows domain admins, Linux root accounts, SSH keys, database accounts, and even social media accounts. We help you identify your essential accounts, the use cases for privileged access management, and security policies. We will implement the PAM solution using best-of-breed tools and maintain and monitor it for you.

With our PAM solution, you will achieve peace of mind, knowing that access to important data and administrative operations are protected. Your CISO, the legal team, end-users, and the IT department will all benefit because you will have:

  • Auditability and compliance. With a full audit trail, you can track what happened and who used the credentials.
  • Data protection. Credentials can be given to only one user at a time and are changed after every login.
  • Reduced IT costs and less manual work to handle permissions.

Business-to-business and business-to-consumer IAM

Whether you are doing business with consumers or other companies, digital channels are a significant part of providing the service. To provide your users access to the right resources, information and support, you need to identify them first. Digital identities are an essential piece of the puzzle when you want to provide personalized, secure, and privacy-aware services with enhanced user experience for web and mobile applications, APIs, and face-to-face services.

We have years of experience building and maintaining Business-to-Consumer (CIAM) and Business-to-Business identity and access management solutions that help you develop and offer secure and privacy-aware solutions with reliable identification, authorization, auditing, and analytics. 

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Workforce IAM (IGA)

Internal and external workforce usually needs access to numerous IT systems. Granting access quickly to newcomers and removing or changing access rights in all these systems when people leave or change job roles puts pressure on the organization. Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solutions tackle this complex topic of managing the entire workforce's identities and access rights.

We provide workforce IAM-related advisory and complete IGA solutions to help organizations improve information security, meet compliance requirements, and improve operational efficiency. We partner with the leading IGA cloud service providers and technology vendors and recommend an IGA solution that fits your individual needs and configure the solution to match your specific requirements.

With our IGA solution, you will be able to:

  • Control access granularly and efficiently.
  • Make sure new joiners and movers will get access on time, and that access is revoked when the workforce leaves the company.
  • Enforce risk-based controls and segregation of duties (SoD) when granting new access rights.
  • Run regular access re-certification campaigns to ensure access rights are up-to-date.
  • Ensure your organization meets compliance requirements related to workforce identity and access management.

Contact us for more information.

Digital identity business advisory

Are you looking for someone to translate and map your business needs to identity and access management (IAM) vendors' solutions? Or maybe you need someone to implement and maintain an IAM solution? We support you in all your digital identity needs. 

We provide consultation services and help you to, e.g., fine-tune your IAM policies and secure your digital identity processes. We can support your work with IAM vendors and conduct pre-studies. Our experienced IAM architects can design an IAM solution that fits your business needs and deploy, operate, and maintain it for you. With our service, you'll get:

  • A dedicated digital identity consultant as a contact point and the experience of the entire team. We can also provide you with our large competence pool of extensive knowledge of cybersecurity and privacy.
  • Business needs interpreted into technical requirements.
  • Support for design, deployment, and maintenance.

We help you solve your IAM challenges. Contact us and ask for more information.

IAM Roadmap

IAM roadmap is your company’s plan on how to take control of some or all identity and access management processes and activities. The roadmap expresses your desired state of the IAM and the concrete steps you need to take to get there. It also serves as a communication tool for you inside the company.        

Whether your digital identity challenges are in the consumer business, B2B services, or your organization's internal identity and access management, we've got you covered. In workshops with all your relevant stakeholders, we'll analyze your identity and access management (IAM) processes and related architecture, and propose solutions that will help you achieve your business goals.

With our IAM roadmap, you will get:

  • An objective current state analysis by our digital identity professionals.
  • Recommendations on business objectives, process improvements, and possible technology vendors that would fit your needs.
  • A roadmap with actionable and prioritized items.

Get your digital identities to the next level. Contact us to ask for more information.





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  • Harri Laakko

    Harri Laakko

    IAM Sales Manager

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