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eero öster

Eero Öster

Head of Cloud Transformation

Keeping up with the risks in a world of increasing cyber threats and vulnerabilities being exploited on a daily basis is extremely difficult. Finding the right people with the needed skills and competences is challenging and training people in-house is just too time-consuming.

No matter what your business is, you can be exposed to either direct or indirect attacks or random breaches. As the business begins relying more and more on digitalization, if those systems are taken down or crucial data is lost to third parties, the consequences may be fatal to your business.

Our certified experts are capable of running your whole cybersecurity environment from people to processes, and technology – or a part of it in case another part is taken care of. No matter whether you are running industrial control systems or traditional IT environments, with the help of our cybersecurity experts, you can be assured that the top talent pool is looking after your business.


Nixu Cyber Defense Center

Nixu Cyber Defense Center protects your core processes and people. It offers return-on-investment tools for non-technical business owners who want to secure the continuity of their trade. It creates value by offering security that your customers trust. Our specialists and systems monitor, contain and remediate security threats within your business processes. Unlike basic security tools such as virus software, we can monitor your whole information ecosystem. Our response team leads the investigation whenever there is a recognized threat.

Secure Software Development

We improve software development methods by introducing new security-enhancing elements in existing development methods, such as Scrum. These elements can be tailored to customer needs. Some of the elements we have introduced in the past include threat workshops, exploratory reviews and developer coaching in secure practices. We provide internal support and guidance for the development team, sparring with the team to ensure a secure software delivery.

Nixu Academy

Nixu Academy offers cybersecurity and privacy learning solutions and education to all organizations from management to technical specialists in order to ensure organizations have the needed skills and knowledge to protect their critical data and systems and implement new digital services securely. Nixu Academy fosters motivation and individual ability to detect cyber risks and act securely.

Information Security Team as a Service

We provide you with an information security team as a service. We will coach your team and secure your information. We will lead your information security and make sure that everything works. We do not simply write security guidelines based on identified risks, we push matters forward by giving instant feedback. We also employ proven models to guarantee that processes and people perform as expected. Once we have secured your operations, we will attack you aggressively to see how your defenses will hold. In addition to testing your systems, we will test your personnel using social hacking.

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  • eero öster

    Eero Öster

    Head of Cloud Transformation