Cybersecurity outsourcing

Markku Rapo

Markku Rapo

Sales Manager

Keeping up with the risks of increasing cyber threats and vulnerabilities being exploited on a daily basis, and the technological development in the area of Digital Identities, is extremely difficult. Finding the right people with the needed skills and competencies is challenging and training people in-house is just too time-consuming. Outsourcing is a great way to save time and money, as well as to overcome the growing skills gap. For this, Nixu is your trusted cybersecurity partner.

No matter what your business is, it can be exposed to either direct or indirect cyber-attacks or random breaches. In case your systems are taken down or crucial data is lost to third parties, the consequences may be fatal to your business continuity as business relies more and more on digitalization.
Our certified cybersecurity and Digital Identity experts are capable of running your whole environment from people to processes and technology, or a part of it in case another part is taken care of. No matter whether you are running industrial control systems or traditional IT environments, with the help of our experts, you can be assured that a top-notch talent pool is looking after your business.



Bug Bounty Program

It is often impossible to run a separate security audit for each production release. Most companies have an increasing number of services, applications and components listening to the network and available for partners, customers, employees and virtually to everyone. While this is great for business, the complexity or the exposed systems have gone - or will soon go - through the roof. A bug bounty program can help you manage the complexity in an agile manner - and we can run it for you.

A bug bounty program does not completely replace the need for more traditional assessments or security engineering work, but it cost-effectively complements them.

For your distinct need, we provide two models for running the bug bounty program.


Private Bug Bounty Program:

Our expert team helps to define the digital boundaries where external hackers are allowed to operate. It can be a single application or a network of hundreds of targets.

Our expert team with proved skills and track record in successful bug hunting starts going through digital space and searching for anything a malicious actor could use.

Once weakness is found and confirmed, we report it to you using the method most suitable for you.

We help respond to the flaws by providing Nixu’s competences. Regardless of the need – we are here to help.

And we keep on going as long as our contract remains in effect.

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