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Partnering with our clients we provide practical solutions for ensuring business continuity, an easy access to digital services and data protection.

nixu services

Are you concerned about cybersecurity? We can help. We are your trusted cybersecurity partner and provide you with all the cybersecurity-related services that you need so that you can concentrate on your core business. We are an impartial cybersecurity expert: we always choose the best solution according to the customer’s needs and are not tied to any specific technology. We have the best experts in the industry, and cybersecurity is our passion. 

Cloud transformation

We enable you to leverage the benefits of cloud transformation in a secure and reliable way and assure the relevant risks are mitigated to an acceptable level.

Privacy Support
Identity and Access Management in the Cloud
O365 Security Review
Cloud Threat Modeling
Cloud Platform Security

Security Engineering

Enhance the security of your products and your software development process.

Penetration testing
Security verification
Threat modeling
Secure software development
DevSecOps maturity assessment
DevSecOps as a Service
Vulnerability Management
Red Teaming

Identity & Access Management

Digital transformation done right. We help to ensure that trust, security and business continuity is taken into account in all phases of your digital transformation.

Privacy Support
Managed Identity and Access Management (MIAM)
Managed Privileged Access Management (PAM)
Business-to-business and business-to-consumer IAM
Workforce IAM (IGA)
Digital identity business advisory
IAM Roadmap

Cyber defense

We protect your core processes and people 24/7. We monitor, contain and remediate security threats within your business processes and provide you with ability to detect early and react quickly.

Nixu Cyber Defense Center
Threat Hunting
Threat Intelligence
Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR)
Managed Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
Managed Detection & Response
Vulnerability Management
Red Teaming

Cybersecurity exercises and training

We help you improve your ability to react during incidents and increase cybersecurity awareness in your organization.

Social Engineering
Cybersecurity training
Phishing simulation
Cybersecurity event
Cyber awareness program
Cybersecurity exercise

IoT & Product Security

We enable your innovation by securing your intellectual property, your customer data ecosystems and your privacy. Our security engineering teams have decades of experience in IoT and connected devices.

Penetration testing
Secure Device Management
IoT Security Monitoring & Incident Response
DevSecOps as a Service
IoT Cybersecurity Roadmap

Safety and reliability

We make your digital transformation successful by securing your industrial environments. With us, you can be sure that the security of your environment will be done right, enabling true safety & reliability.

Secure Sourcing
ICS Security Monitoring & Incident Response
ICS Cybersecurity Roadmap
ICS Security Assessments
ICS Security Development as a Service

Compliance and certification

We help to prove the credibility of your digital business. We provide a wide variety of information security and privacy services.

Privacy Support
PCI DSS Onsite Assessment
DPIA - Data Protection Impact Assessment
DPO as a Service

Cybersecurity outsourcing

World-class Cybersecurity and Digital Identity teams at your service. Our certified experts are capable of running your whole cybersecurity environment from people to processes and technology – or a part of it.

Dedicated support
Nixu Cyber Defense Center
Secure Software Development
Continuous Vulnerability Status Measurement for Web Applications and Computing Platforms
Cybersecurity Roadmap
DPIA - Data Protection Impact Assessment
Information Security Team as a Service
DPO as a Service