Safety and reliability

Aleksandr Värä

Aleksandr Värä

Head of IoT

As traditional industrial automation and other safety-critical industries are in the middle of digital transformation, it is reasonable to recognize the importance of security to safety and reliability. The combination of highly connected machinery and potentially vulnerable legacy systems creates an environment where large-scale cyberattacks are made possible, thus jeopardizing the reliability and physical safety of an industrial environment.

Nixu’s experience in Safety & Reliability covers industrial environments in industries such as oil & gas, electricity generation, nuclear and conventional, energy distribution, component/Product manufacturing and maritime. Our primary goal is to make your digital transformation successful by supporting you at all stages of your strategy; from acquiring new products, to ensuring that critical ICS functions remain intact while supporting the required connectivity to other functions. We also work with international organizations such as IAEA in order to develop and share best cybersecurity practices.

With us, you can be sure that the security of your environment, be it adding new machinery or applications to existing environment or building one from scratch, will be done right, enabling true safety & reliability.


Nixu Cyber Defense Center

At the core of our Cyber defense service is Nixu Cyber Defense Center where our cybersecurity specialists and systems monitor, contain and remediate security threats on your behalf 24/7. We protect your core processes and people and provide you with ability to detect early and react quickly. Nixu Cyber Defense Center offers return-on-investment tools for non-technical business owners who want to secure the continuity of their trade. It creates value by offering security that your customers trust. Unlike basic security tools such as virus software, we can monitor your whole information ecosystem. Our team hunts for threats, monitors data and alerts from customer environments, and flags anomalies. Our response team leads the investigation whenever there is a recognized threat.

Cybersecurity Roadmap

The changes in your digital working environment may be rapid. However, you can still ensure that you are doing the right things to develop your cybersecurity optimally. We help you to improve the cybersecurity maturity of your organization and plan a roadmap.  This way, you can efficiently plan and prioritize cybersecurity investments. We give you a 360-degree view on your cybersecurity maturity level compared to the international framework and industry best practices.

Red Teaming

Organizations invest in defensive security measures to protect their business. But are those effective? And how well can an organization protect its most valuable assets?

Nixu's red team tests how well the combination of people, tools, and processes work together in practice when facing a targeted attack. Think of it as a fire drill for your organization's security team to measure detection capabilities and response times. 

Nixu's red team utilizes the MITRE ATT&CK and TIBER-EU frameworks when conducting red teaming exercises. The frameworks characterize and describe adversary behavior, tools, techniques, and tactics used during targeted attacks. It also provides transparency during the red team exercise, revealing the utilized attack techniques and identifying gaps in the organization's security defenses. 

As an outcome of a red teaming exercise, your organization gets:

  • Invaluable insight into your detection and response capabilities when facing a targeted attack.
  • An overview of the weak points in your security controls and processes.
  • Detailed recommendations on how to improve your security. 
  • A full insight into the performed attacks to maximize your learning opportunity.

Nixu tailors the red teaming exercise to your organization's specific needs and the threats you are facing. Please contact us to further discuss how we can help improve your security.


Collaborator security audit

The Collaborator Security Audit Service provides customers possibility to verify that security status of their partners and collaborators does not create unacceptable risks, the contractual requirements for security are followed and that the processes and security governance of collaborators is sound and according to industry best practices. Nixu auditor will identify business critical assets, which are exposed to collaborators, and either verifies that contractually agreed security controls are protecting these assets or that the assets are protected based on industry best practices.

Vendor security requirements

As the industrial internet gains momentum, Nixu will support you in ensuring that the innovations created by your vendors do not jeopardize the safety and continuity of your production environment. We will help you to request vendors for security product standards, maintenance, and remote access capabilities to meet your industry best practices and standards. Depending on our client’s industry, we utilize the most recognized security standards and recommendations such as IEC62443, NIST, IAEA, ISO27002, NERC CIP, and more.

Industrial Security Development as a Service

Your safety and continuity is our top priority. As a result, we are ready to take the lead in developing and maintaining the security of your ICS environment. In addition to implementing relevant security policies, guidelines, and technical controls, we will benchmark the security of your environments with industry standards and work together with you to make sure that your security is optimized to the relevant threat landscape and your risk appetite. Our highly experienced professionals have vast security backgrounds in ICS environments, especially in the oil & gas and nuclear industries.

ICS Security Assessments & Red Teaming

Be it evaluation of your defensive capabilities or delivery of a new industrial environment, we will help you with testing the security controls of your ICS environment as well as your capability to react to a security incident. Depending on the scope, our services vary from ICS-environment security assessments as part of a desktop exercise to state-sponsored attack simulations on supply-critical utilities.

SCADA hardening

SCADA systems are the heart of industrial environments and are therefore a sweet spot for an attacker. Our role is to provide you with the capabilities to withstand a cybersecurity attack without compromising the core processes of your environment. Our services include technical and process-related projects to ensure a sustainable result for your organization.

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