Safety and reliability

Digitalize your industrial automation safely and securely

As industrial automation and safety-critical industries are on the fast lane to digitalization, you cannot talk about safety and reliability without mentioning cybersecurity. The convergence of IT and OT and deploying connected machinery with potentially vulnerable legacy systems create an environment where a cyberattack could cause severe cyber-physical consequences. Connectivity has broadened the threat landscape for safety-critical industries, making automation and control systems in areas such as energy generation and distribution and manufacturing, lucrative targets for cybercriminals, advanced persistent threat groups, and hacktivists. Even unsophisticated and opportunistic malware attacks can stall a production line and cause significant interruptions. Additionally, there is an increasing trend in the market for demanding cybersecurity certifications.

Our goal is to make your digital transformation successful and ensure the security of your industrial automation and control systems. We help you succeed in the following areas: 

ICS cybersecurity governance. We help you create a cybersecurity strategy and a development roadmap to improve your industrial automation systems' security maturity. With us, you'll get relevant, risk-driven security requirements and policies for you or your vendors.

ICS cybersecurity management. We help you include security management in your operating procedures and establish methods to conduct internal assessments and reporting to track your security status. We can conduct compliance assessments and help you increase security awareness throughout the organization with training and exercises.

ICS technical cybersecurity. We help you enhance your technical security and implement security controls based on a practical risk level. On top of penetration testing and vulnerability management, we help you make secure architecture choices and develop secure coding practices. Additionally, our ICS architects will ensure that your ICS environment is resilient to vulnerabilities associated with connectivity risks while staying compliant with dominant cybersecurity standards, such as ISC62443-3-3.

ICS cyber defense. We help you detect, react, and respond to malicious activity and other security incidents. Our threat intelligence unit allows you to defend your environments from emerging cyber threats proactively. Our digital forensics and incident response team can take the lead, find out what happened, and help you get back to normal quickly in case of incidents.

Industrial automation cybersecurity means ensuring security all the way from the individual components to the supply-chain, operation, and management of the industrial system. We have experience in securing ICS from a large variety of different industrial domains, such as energy, chemical, maritime, forestry, and component and product manufacturing. We also work with international organizations such as the IAEA to develop and share the best cybersecurity practices. 

With us, you can be sure that the words connectedindustrialsafety, and cybersecurity can exist in the same sentence. We will work in close operation with you to truly understand your business needs, the industrial process characteristics, and design principles to ensure we are focusing on the most critical assets and processes. We help you ensure business continuity and optimize your cybersecurity investment. Read more about our services and contact us.


Secure Sourcing

OT system security is built upon supply chain security and the security of the individual components. Small vendors providing a highly critical piece to the OT puzzle may have designed the system with performance, rather than cybersecurity, in mind. Third parties often need access to the core of your OT system, and a flaw in their security may endanger your production. That's why it's essential to ensure that your vendors and partners follow the requirements set by the IEC62443 standard and other good cybersecurity practices.

We help you assess the cybersecurity posture of your vendors and collaborators. Our security professionals with experience in OT and ICS will analyze your system to identify critical assets exposed to collaborators and check that they are following contractual security requirements and processes. Based on the risk level and industry best practices, our experts can provide additional recommendations based on industry standards. We'll follow up with recurring audits and self-assessments to make sure your industrial environment stays secure.

Setting the correct cybersecurity requirements from the beginning is the most effective and economical way to introduce cybersecurity controls into the system and the supply chain. Contact us for more information.

ICS Security Monitoring & Incident Response

It's essential to monitor industrial environments for malicious activity and malfunctions and respond to incidents effectively to ensure vital services’ availability. Our ICS/OT monitoring solution involves the monitoring of the industrial control systems and detection of assets and both operational, network, and security events within an operational environment of an organization. With our service, you'll get:

  • Insight into incidents and threats with a combination of human expertise and technology.
  • 5x8 or 24x7x365 security monitoring of the ICS/OT environment.
  • Direct alerting in case of security incidents.
  • Onsite or remote support with analysis of operational errors.
  • Onsite or remote support for incident response and forensics.

We help you to react fast to ICS cybersecurity incidents and get back to normal as quickly as possible. Contact us for more information.

ICS Cybersecurity Roadmap

How can you strike a balance between cybersecurity and safety when digitalizing fast? We help you build an actionable roadmap to improve the cybersecurity maturity of your ICS/OT environments. This way, you can efficiently plan and prioritize cybersecurity investments.

We'll start with a current state analysis taking into account people, processes, and technology. You'll get a 360-degree view of your cybersecurity maturity level in key cybersecurity capabilities, derived from international frameworks, industry standards, and best practices.

Based on risk and our industry experience, we help you set a target cybersecurity state and create a development program to build foundational cybersecurity processes and enable you to protect your ICS/OT environments, detect and respond to incidents and recover from malicious activity.

Contact us for more information on how to improve your ICS cybersecurity maturity continuously.

ICS Security Assessments

Want to know how resilient your ICS is? Our ICS Security Assessment takes an in-depth look into your security-related processes, system architecture, and network security compared to industry cybersecurity standards, such as IEC 61511, IEC 62443, and relevant sector-specific (electrical, chemical, maritime) standards. Our ICS security experts combine architecture and process reviews with threat modeling and technical security testing. You'll get:

  • An overview of the weak points in your security controls and processes. All of our security reports are delivered and explained to you by real people – not robots.
  • Analysis of potential internal and external threat actors endangering your systems.
  • Detailed and actionable recommendations on how to improve your security.  

We help you test your defensive capabilities. Contact us for more information.

ICS Security Development as a Service

Your safety and business continuity is our top priority. As a result, we are ready to take the lead in developing and maintaining the security of your ICS environment. In addition to implementing relevant security policies, guidelines, and technical controls, we will benchmark your environments against industry standards and work with you to ensure that your security is optimized to the relevant threat landscape and your risk appetite. Our highly experienced professionals have vast security backgrounds in ICS environments, especially in the oil & gas and nuclear industries.

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