Safety and reliability

Aleksandr Värä

Aleksandr Värä

Head of IoT

As traditional industrial automation and other safety-critical industries are in the middle of digital transformation, it is reasonable to recognize the importance of security to safety and reliability. The combination of highly connected machinery and potentially vulnerable legacy systems creates an environment where large-scale cyberattacks are made possible, thus jeopardizing the reliability and physical safety of an industrial environment.

Nixu’s experience in Safety & Reliability covers industrial environments in industries such as oil & gas, electricity generation, nuclear and conventional, energy distribution, component/Product manufacturing and maritime. Our primary goal is to make your digital transformation successful by supporting you at all stages of your strategy; from acquiring new products, to ensuring that critical ICS functions remain intact while supporting the required connectivity to other functions. We also work with international organizations such as IAEA in order to develop and share best cybersecurity practices.

With us, you can be sure that the security of your environment, be it adding new machinery or applications to existing environment or building one from scratch, will be done right, enabling true safety & reliability.


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