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Nixu is a cybersecurity services company on a mission to keep the digital society running. Our passion is to help organizations embrace digitalization securely.


Nixu is a cybersecurity services company on a mission to keep the digital society running. Our passion is to help organizations embrace digitalization securely. Partnering with our clients we provide practical solutions for ensuring business continuity, an easy access to digital services and data protection. We aim to provide the best workplace to our team of about 400 cybersecurity professionals with a hands-on attitude. With Nordic roots we serve enterprise clients worldwide. Nixu shares are listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki stock exchange.

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The Nixu story began in Finland, at the laboratory of Helsinki University of Technology, when Pekka Nikander founded Nixu in 1988. The name “Nixu” is derived from Pekka’s family name, the Unix operating system and the computer student lab nicknamed “Niksula,” where Mr. Nikander worked as a student.


Nixu organized the first virus seminar as a prelude to the information security business.


Nixu pioneered the TCP/IP march by helping customers with their Internet based e-mail systems.


The first paid employees started working at Nixu, while the most important customer was Telecom Finland's internet services.


The full blown commercial ISP platform was delivered to Telecom Finland, today called Telia. Nixu developed several generations of this platform and administered DNS service until 1998.


The Nixuans created and started, using a web-controlled Linux drink vending machine on its premises.


The first release of the Namesurfer product for DNS administration. Oiva Karppinen became CEO of Nixu.


Nixu established Ericsson as a new customer.


Nixu made an agreement with Saudi Arabia on the national Internet network with King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology. Nixu implemented and operated the super-node, international gateways and management systems of the national Internet for KACST in Saudi Arabia. Nixu’s country organization was established. In the same year, Nixu began a long-term relationship with Nokia.


Nixu growed by acquiring NetPeople Oy.


Nixu continued to grow with the acquisitions of Magic Cookie Oy and Datatieto Oy. Nixu Middle East FZ-LLC was established and registered in Dubai Internet City.


Rabbe Mattila became CEO of Nixu.


Nixu developed a new mobile service for operators and service providers, showcased in the 3GSM Conference in Cannes, France.


Timo Kotilainen started as Nixu CEO. The Namesurfer product and business spin-off were acquired by Nixu Software Oy. In the same year, Nixu was validated as a PCI data security standard auditor by MasterCard and Visa.


Nixu focused on stronger growth in its primary business areas and sold its Middle East operations to two private entrepreneurs.


Nixu moved its office from Helsinki’s Käpylä neighborhood to new, more secure premises in Keilaranta in Espoo.


The number of Nixuans exceeded one hundred. The new initiative ‘Nixu Open’ was established as a part of the Nixu Group. Nixu joined Information Security Forum community.


The Tietovastuu concept (information responsibility) and website were released. Marko Kauppi joined the Nixu board.


Juhani Kaskeala, Chief of Defence of the Finnish Defence Forces (retired) was selected as a member of Nixu’s board. The Nixu Personas concept in identity management field was launched. Nixu CEO Timo Kotilainen was appointed to head the Finnish Information Security Cluster (FISC).


Nixu celebrated its 25th year of operation, culminating in a Corporate Cybersecurity seminar for corporate executives. In 2013, Nixu delivered projects for customers in over 20 countries. Nixu participated in the Cyberlympics hacking competition for the first time and came in 4th place.


Nixu acquired Panorama Partners Oy, a company specialized in user management and digital identities. The deal increased Nixu's expert team by nearly 40 people. Petri Kairinen was appointed as Nixu CEO. Trading with Nixu shares started at the First North marketplace in December, 2014.


Nixu established a subsidiary, Nixu B.V. in the Netherlands led by Patrick van der Valk. The new Cyber Defense Center service was launched. It is a technology-based service package providing customers with a digital environment for real-time supervision and intrusion investigation as we were an up-to-date status of organizations’ web service threats.


Nixu Corporation’s independent subsidiary Nixu Certification Oy, was granted the status of an official information security inspection body by Ficora. At the same time, Nixu Certification also achieved international ISO 27001 accreditation. Nixu continues to expand its operations; Nixu enters the Swedish market by acquiring Swedish Europoint Networking AB and Safeside Solutions AB, creating a strong position in the Swedish market. In the same year, Nixu established a subsidiary in the United States and established a new international organizational model.


Nixu continued to grow strong; Nixu implemented two new company acquisitions by acquiring an internationally-experienced Expert Solution Support Center BV (ESSC) and Bitsec AB, which primarily operates in Sweden. After these purchases, Nixu's domain is clearly international. In 2017, Nixu's employees totaled more than 300 people. The Finnish Defense Force awarded Nixu with a national Facility Security Clearance.



Trading on the Nixu’s shares was transferred from Nasdaq First North to the Nasdaq Helsinki Stock Exchange Official List. Nixu’s team – Team NX – took second place at the Global Cyberlympics -competition in 2018. Nixu’s anniversary year culminated on 4 December at the Nixu NXT event in Helsinki. The event celebrated Nixu’s 30-year history and, above all, the future of cybersecurity. 


Nixu strengthened its market position in Sweden by acquiring the cybersecurity business of the security company Vesper Group. In addition, Nixu opened local operations in Denmark through the acquisition of Ezenta A/S, a company specializing in cybersecurity services. In June, Nixu Certification Ltd. was accredited to audit high security information systems. In August, Nixu announced its growth ambition for years 2020 to 2024. 

Board of Directors

Kimmo Rasila

Kimmo Rasila

Chairman of the Board since 2006
  • Member of the Board since 2005
  • MSc (Econ)
  • Born 1957

Professional experience: IBM, Tietotekniikan Liitto ry, CEO of ExecNet Oy since 2003.

Kimmo had a long career at IBM (1980–2003) and was a member of the IBM Finland Management Team between 1994 and 2003. Currently, Kimmo is an independent entrepreneur, providing management coaching and serving on the Board of Directors of several ICT companies.

Marko Kauppi

Marko Kauppi

Deputy Chair of the Board since 2014
  • Member of the Board since 2011
  • MSc (Econ)
  • Born 1970

Professional experience: University of Vaasa, ABB, Opstock, Enskilda Securities, Mandatum, Arvo Omaisuudenhoito.

After starting his career in academia, Marko took a more industry-oriented path by joining ABB, and moved to the financial sector some years later. He worked for 12 years in brokerage and banking. Since 2009, Marko has been an entrepreneur, managing his company Tenendum Oy and serving on the Board of Directors of several companies.

Kati Hagros

Kati Hagros

Member of the Board since 2014
  • MSc in Social Sciences and MSc in Technology
  • Born 1970

Professional experience: BNL Information Oy, Nokia Corporation, KONE Corporation, Aalto University.

Kati has had a long international career in the high tech industry. She has extensive experience from various managerial positions in e-business, IT, and other related areas. She is currently the Chief Digital Officer of Aalto University. In 2014, she received the Finnish CIO of the Year and the Nordic CIO of the Year awards, and was recently named among the top 50 most inspirational women in Nordic tech. Additionally, Kati serves as the Chair of the Board at the Research Foundation of Helsinki University of Technology.

Anders Silwer

Anders Silwer

Member of the Board since 2019

Lieutenant General (Res)
Born 1959


Professional experience: Air Force Inspector 2008-2011, Chief of Joint Operations 2011-2012 and Chief Joint Training and Development 2013-2017 in the Swedish Defence Force. Member of the Board at Advenica AB and Swedish Fortifications Administration.

Anders has a long career in the Swedish Defence Forces and is still a reserve officer. After retiring from active duty he established his own consulting company, Anders Silwer AB. Anders´ contribution to the Nixu Board includes his extensive knowledge of public administration in Sweden, a wide network of contacts and his interest in the rising importance of cyber defense.

Jari Niska

Jari Niska

Member of the Board since 2021
  • MSc (Econ)
  • Born 1971


Professional experience: Solita Group Oy, Finnet Oy, Finnet Verkot Oy, Sandvik Tamrock Oy.

 Jari Niska served at, the technology, data and design company, Solita between 2004 - 2020, first as CFO and then as CEO for more than 12 years. Solita’s growth story under his leadership was a great Finnish success story: the company increased its turnover from €10 million to more than €130 million and grew from a 100-person software company to an expert company with more than 1,000 employees in six countries. Currently, Jari serves as a Board Professional and Management Advisor: He is a Board member of Solita Group Oy, Chairman of The Board of Bolt Group Oy, Board member of Cloudpermit Oy and Board member of Tampere Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

Jaya Baloo

Jaya Baloo

Member of the Board since 2020

Tufts University, USA (International Relations)
Born 1973

Jaya Baloo has been working in the field of information security, with a focus on secure network architecture, for over 20 years. She is formally recognized within the list of top 100 CISOs globally and ranks among the top 100 security influencers worldwide. Jaya is Avast's Chief Information Security Officer and joined Avast in October 2019. Previously, Jaya held the position of CISO at KPN, the largest telecommunications carrier in the Netherlands, where she established and lead its security team whose best practices in strategy and policy are today recognized as world leading. Prior to this, Jaya also held the position of Practice Lead Lawful Interception at Verizon, and worked at France Telecom as a Technical Security Specialist.

Corporate Leadership Team

Petri Kairinen

Petri Kairinen

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • MSc (Econ)
  • Born 1977


Petri has been Nixu’s CEO since 2014 and has served as a Member of the Management team since 2006. Petri’s most important responsibilities include leading Nixu’s operating culture in such a way that the Nixu professionals thrive and evolve to perform their duties. Petri's service promise to Nixuans is 24HEar that is, the promise to read and acknowledge all incoming messages from employees within 24 hours. Before becoming CEO, Petri headed Nixu’s sales and marketing since 2006. He has previous experience from sales and marketing positions in several technology-based companies such as Elcoteq, Affecto, and Hewlett-Packard.

Twitter: @kairinen

janne karkkainen

Janne Kärkkäinen

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • MSc (Econ)
  • Born 1973


Janne was appointed CFO in January 2016. As CFO Janne is responsible for Nixu Group’s financial management and risk management, and operational support functions. Additionally, he serves as Nixu’s deputy CEO and Secretary of the Board. Janne is an experienced CFO with a long international career, providing Nixu with wide-ranging international expertise in the financial management of consulting and service companies. Before joining Nixu, Janne worked as CFO at M-Brain, Global Intelligence Alliance Group, and Tetra Pak.


Björn-Erik Karlsson

Björn-Erik Karlsson

SVP Expert Services

Technical College Graduate
Born 1963

In March 2021, Björn-Erik was appointed SVP Expert Services. In this role he is responsible for Nixu’s Expert Services business area that provides cybersecurity professional services and develops the expertise of Nixu’s cybersecurity professionals. With more than 25 years in executive positions within the IT- and information industry he has extensive experience from leading and supporting successfully growth companies in optimizing efficiency and securing strong deliveries during times of change and through challenging initiatives such as mergers and acquisitions. Prior becoming SVP Expert Services, Björn-Erik served as Swedish Market Area Leader from April 2018.




Katja Müller

Katja Müller

Chief People Officer (CPO)
  • MSc (Econ)
  • Born 1976


Katja was appointed Chief People Officer in October 2017. Katja joined Nixu in September 2016 as Head of People Operations. Katja has extensive experience of human resources in professional services firms and technology industry, thanks to previous positions at Accenture, Lenovo and KPMG, among others.


Valtteri Peltomäki

Valtteri Peltomäki

SVP Client Experience
  • MSc (Econ)
  • Born 1981


Valtteri was appointed SVP Client Experience in March 2021. He is responsible for the business area that drives strong business growth and ensures a unified client experience of Nixu as a trusted cybersecurity partner. Additionally, the business area develops industry specific client understanding. Valtteri Joined Nixu in 2008. Before becoming SVP Client Experience, Valtteri has served as Finnish Market area Leader, Nixu’s CCO and has held various sales and marketing positions at Nixu.


Twitter: @vapelto

Pietari Sarjakivi

Pietari Sarjakivi

SVP Labs
  • MEng, Industrial Management
    BEng, Telecommunications,
    Born 1984


Pietari was appointed SVP Labs in March 2021. The goal of the Labs business area is to develop new and innovative solutions to clients' cybersecurity challenges. One of the main initiatives of this business area is an IIoT startup that focuses on ensuring Industrial IoT solution security. Prior this role, Pietari led Nixu Cyber Defense Center business and has held several positions varying from tech specialist to business manager and from CSO to principal consultant since he joined Nixu in 2008.


Jan Mickos

Jan Mickos

SVP, Managed Services

Mechanic, Information Technology
Born 1974

Jan Mickos joined Nixu in September 2021 to lead Nixu’s Managed Services Business Area responsible for delivering and developing Nixu’s technology-based managed cybersecurity services and accountable for partner management. Before joining Nixu, Jan worked at the global IT service company CGI for about 20 years, holding multiple leadership positions, the latest as VP Cyber Security, heading Cyber Security Practice at CGI in Finland and the Baltics.

Twitter: @JMickos