Identity & Access Management

Harri Laakko

Harri Laakko

IAM Sales Manager

Unlock your digital business potential with smooth and secure digital identity and access management

Have you counted how many different passwords you have for all the apps and services you need in your work? Giving and revoking access rights can be time-consuming and is prone to errors if you do it manually. Having incorrect access rights can lead to data leaks and loss of privacy. What about your customers? Can you reliably confirm their identities? Can you provide them with tools that allow them to control how their data is used?

The efficient handling of digital identities will unlock your digital business and give you a competitive advantage. With our unique experience in digital identity management and user authentication, we will help you to:

Manage digital identities securely. We help you to ensure the privacy and security of your customer data collection and handling.

Keep user accounts and privileges up-to-date. We help you set up automatic processes and approval workflows to ensure that users quickly get the credentials they need but only those and only when they need them.

Protect access to valuable data. Privileged accounts, such as administrator accounts, have access to precious data such as customer databases, configuration, and intellectual property. We help you with privileged access management solutions so your data stays protected.

Ensure a smooth user experience. Lessen the hassle of multiple user accounts and passwords. Your users will save time with single-sign-on solutions and passwordless authentication options that will also enhance the user experience.

Our digital identity and access management professionals work together with various organizations across industries to help build identity and access management solutions. With us, you will always have access to the wide knowledge and competence of the whole Nixu team of cybersecurity and privacy experts. We help your company thrive with your digital business, ensuring that trust, security, and business continuity are considered. Read more about our services and contact us.



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  • Harri Laakko

    Harri Laakko

    IAM Sales Manager

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