Digital Business

All businesses are digital

There is no webshop used only with a browser on a computer. Even if your eCommerce site would be targeted for business customers, it will be used at least with a mobile browser. Additionally chat, phone and traditional brick-and-mortar outlet are all important sales channels, which all together and separately must provide a first class customer experience. At the same time information security and privacy risks must be taken into account, but with the terms of the business itself.

So digital business must balance between usability, security and compliancy. Payment service and data protection regulations require that services are secure, but additionally consumers increased privacy awareness demand that services feel trustworthy without decrease in user experience.

When information security and privacy are designed and implemented into digital services from the start, service availability and continuity can be achieved cost-efficiently.

We help our customers to make better and safer digital business

We consult our customers in system and architecture design, threat analysis, secure software development and in different kinds of integration projects and security audits.

We provide solutions where the end-customer can be digitally identified, independent of the service channel, and where you can be ensured that your digital services have been designed, implemented and operated with well-thought security and privacy.

We also offer monitoring services for our customer business systems and processes in order to detect and prevent data breaches and fraud.

Digital Identity

With Identity and Access Management (IAM) companies can streamline and secure their business, both internally, and externally.
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Nixu Security Verified

Verify your information system or network service and convince end users of your solution's security
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Information Security Inspections

Security auditing services from PCI audits to information system intrusion testing
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