Identity management (IdM)

IdM solutions allow you to enjoy safer, more systematic and economical organisation management. Nixu offers a reliable proprietary IdM platform solution with innovative properties promoting overall efficiency – software implementation included.

If implemented correctly, an IdM system can promote collaboration across the entire organisation, tying together HR management, business processes and technical systems as well as the traditionally disjointed areas of access management. This philosophy of synergy is the cornerstone of Nixu's IdM solution delivery. 

Common requirements for IdM implementation include

  • Streamlining business operations
  • Cost management
  • Improved efficiency
  • Risk management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Improved usability.

Nixu will approach these requirements systematically and efficiently. Nixu will both define, develop and implement the system according to customer needs. Alternatively, Nixu will help you to tender the system implementation.

Our implementation does not stop at fulfilling the basic requirements; Nixu will always bring your IdM system into the current century. The system's automation levels will be far higher than usual. Simple, convenient user interfaces will be used to streamline those functions that cannot be automated.

Project definition – professionally

One of the guiding principles for our IdM projects is that before the start of each project, their technical and functional requirements must be comprehensively defined. If this step is ignored, the project may enjoy a quick start, but will soon be bogged down due to insufficient definition work or issues not considered at the planning stage.

User-friendly implementation

An IdM system does not need to be painfully complicated, ascetic or difficult to understand. Usability and convenience are key considerations in Nixu's IdM implementation. After all, some of the day-to-day functionalities cannot be automated, and it is only sensible to make manual functions quick and simple to use.

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