Online services

Good usability and solid security are among the most important factors in creating a successful online service. Customers are quick to notice whether an online service is convenient to use or unnecessarily complicated. External authentication methods used for signing in (Facebook, Google, the Federation of Finnish Financial Services' Tupas) and various Single Sign-On solutions improve the user experience of your service.

Security is a completely different challenge. Demonstrating to customers the security of your service relies heavily on trust. As online services often collect personal information of their users and transmit payments, customers must have faith in their service providers. 

Nixu’s range of services for online service providers includes solutions for both improving service usability and increasing trust. Our online service access management projects have been implemented using all of the most popular commercial and open source technologies. To ensure the security of your service, we offer secure software development services as well as the Nixu Security Verified certification, which is a great way of substantiating your information security level for end users and partners.

Single Sign-On for cloud services

A safe way of bringing cloud services closer to users.
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Secure Software Development & Procurement

Ensure software security already during the development stage.
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Nixu Security Verified

Verify your information system or network service and convince end users of your solution's security
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