Nixu Security Verified

Several factors contribute to the information security of information systems and online services. The Nixu Security Verified service ensures that all factors are considered sensibly and cost-efficiently. The Nixu Security Verified Certificate also shows end users that they can trust your service.

Initially, the Nixu Security Verified Certificate was created for SaaS services. It allowed companies to answer the concerns of end users by showing they had a solid set of security measures in place. Information security is especially important in systems which process vital information and may even be shared with the competition. This prompted Nixu to extend the Security Verified certification to include any system, such as mobile services or traditional Web services. Today, the certificate is a comprehensive guarantee of overall information security.

In addition to technical security, Security Verified certification ensures that services are maintained sensibly and their actual threats are taken into consideration. Typically, the certificate is awarded for a year at a time, provided that this level of security is sufficient. Even though we recommend security audits for entire systems, we will also perform audits on individual elements such as Web applications.

SaaS services

Different cloud services, such as SaaS (Software as a Service) services are becoming increasingly popular among companies. These services involve information processing in servers managed by third parties. As Nixu enjoys high visibility in the information security industry, our attestation of the good state of your service's information security will ease the worries of your customers.

Web services

Different Web applications, such as intranets and extranets, websites, e-commerce payment systems or management interfaces store important or confidential user information. Users have the right to expect privacy and security of their information.

Mobile applications

The use of services via intelligent terminal devices has become extremely common. Mobile terminals, as well as their platforms, create new kinds of challenges for information security. When used and secured properly, mobile devices can be not only convenient but also secure.   

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