Single Sign-On for cloud services

The benefits of cloud services might not be as clear to users as they are for IT management, especially if accessing them requires unnecessary effort, such as remembering several passwords. With a Single Sign-On (SSO) solution, the signing in process can be eliminated, allowing workstations to interface with cloud services without troubling the user.

You can use supported Single Sign-On and federation technologies with cloud or SaaS services, or we can tailor a completely new solution to your needs.

Manual user information uploads and life cycle management may reduce the financial benefits of introducing cloud services for your company. 

It is also recommended to measure the benefits gained and maintain situational awareness of the company's information security, as this allows flexible service cost and security control by the company's own IT management.

Some of the factors that simplify the use and management of cloud services:

  • implementing Single Sign-On both in the company intranet and extranet
  • strong authentication, such as two-factor authentication
  • secure, standardised user information management process 
  • centralised access management within the organisation
  • standardised, up-to-date logs of intranet and cloud service identities.

We will help you get the most out of your service outsourcing. Our highly experienced information security experts have worked together with both Finnish and international service providers and know which technological solutions can truly be relied on. 

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