Cloud transformation

eero öster

Eero Öster

Head of Cloud Transformation

Att flytta miljöer och tjänster till molnet ger stora fördelar, men transformationen innebär också stora utmaningar som ska hanteras på rätt sätt.

Vare sig du använder IaaS eller PaaS för att bygga dina egna molnlösningar eller migrera befintliga system, eller utnyttjar möjligheterna i SaaS för en viss funktion kan våra IT-säkerhetsexperter se till att dessa miljöer konfigureras på rätt sätt.

Med våra molnsäkerhetsexperters hjälp kan du arbeta tryggt i vetskap att molntjänsterna du bygger eller tar i bruk är säkert konstruerade och att aktuella risker hålls i schack på ett bra sätt.


Privacy Consulting

The Personal Data Act and EU’s forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) define that organizations have an obligation to protect personal information against unauthorized use.
With Nixu's privacy services, you can ensure that personal information is handled according to laws and regulations, while minimizing information-related risks. Nixu can also help you to prepare a privacy policy as well as descriptions of file.

Access management for privileged users

Leveraging privileged access management, various clouds and their users can be helped in a controlled fashion. When planned properly, the strong access rights are protected in a way where the malicious users have more difficult access to the privileged accounts decreasing breaches, while the correct users see benefits of simpler access to the various cloud services.

Identity and access management in the cloud

We provide the right types of identity and access solutions for organizations helping leverage made investments and expanding these solutions and processes as well as helping figure out new ways of working when taking into use new cloud services or helping with a hybrid cloud environment. In an optimal situation this is done with minimal visibility to the end user. Our goal is to ensure that the right people get the right access to the right resources at the right times for the right reasons, enabling the right business outcomes

Cloud platform security

Our specialists support building your cloud environment according to recommendations provided by the vendor as well as our own experience derived from working with various cloud technologies and being a member of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA). With our help you can rest assured that your cloud services are built securely to ensure proper business outcomes and continuity.

Cloud threat modeling

When moving to the cloud, we help you ensure that the relevant risks are identified and can be addressed accordingly. Our specialists can utilize different threat modeling frameworks to help define which one is most relevant for your business. We have vast experience in conducting threat modeling and analysis for products and services. The main benefit of Threat Modelling is to identify relevant threats and risks to provide valuable information for rational security investments and decisions

Cloud security framework

We help organizations draw up a Cloud Security Framework to support their transformation based on methods we have developed over the years as well as utilizing knowledge developed with Cloud Security Alliance. The result of the Cloud Security Framework is a model, which identifies and mitigates the risks through safe processes covering e.g. vendor lock in, necessary controls, permitted data, and availability.

Cloud provider assessment

We can help assess the relevant risks for different cloud providers be it a technical assessment or administrative risk based approach to ensure that all the relevant measures and controls are in place to protect your business. Furthermore, we can help you assess that the certifications that the cloud providers have are relevant to you and cover relevant operations. When taking into use new cloud services we help ensure that the services are safe to use.


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  • eero öster

    Eero Öster

    Head of Cloud Transformation