Platform information security inspection

A secure yet functional platform is essential for successful business. Weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the infrastructure represent a serious threat to information saved in applications as well as to business continuity.

The safe and reliable operation of applications and services relies on the security of the infrastructure and its components, such as workstations, network elements or servers in the company's server room, a shared environment or in a cloud service. Not even the best or the safest applications will be able to save your service, if the information is accessible through the infrastructure or blocked with a Denial-of-Service attack.

Nixu inspects hundreds of servers, workstations and network elements every year. The bulk of the inspected plaftorms and hardware systems have shown several major and significant weaknesses. The most typical problems include missing security updates, unsafe connections and problems with system configuration security. Issues related to digital rights and responsibilities are also common. We have found weaknesses in all kinds of systems – it makes little difference whether the system is maintained by the customer or a major service provider, or whether it resides in an extensive cloud service.

There are many stages at which you can start reinforcing your infrastructure. Here are some of the ways we help our customers:

  • The customer's servers, network elements and workstations are inspected and deficiencies identified.
  • High security environments are inspected.
  • The Windows configurations of new workstations are hardened; hardening instructions and an installation template are formulated.
  • The basic server installation (installation image) is hardened. 
  • Firewalls, network elements and databases are inspected.

Our services include independent both third party inspections (e.g. compliance validation) and hardening instructions for platforms and hardware, allowing you to improve your current security level.

Inspect your systems

Inspect your systems, check their IT security level and control how well they meet internal and external requirements.

Harden your system

Configure your system to be as secure as possible. Use the results of a previous inspection or harden the system directly to the information security level required by the sensitivity of the system's information.

Monitor your systems

Your system or device may be secure today, but this might not be the case tomorrow. Monitor your systems and commission inspections and new hardening measures as needed.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Operational view to status of information security.
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