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Markku Rapo

Markku Rapo

Head of Sales

Detect, protect and respond with our Cyber Defense Center's proactive Managed Detection and Response services

Cybercriminals are joining forces, new vulnerabilities are discovered each day, the timespan from an advisory to a working exploit is getting shorter, and new types of malware are staying under the radar. It can be challenging to keep up with the ever-changing threat landscape relevant to keeping networks, IT/OT systems, and people protected from cyber attacks. It is not a question if your company will be compromised, but rather how often it will be.

Cyber Defense Center is Nixu's service family that covers Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and Security Operations Center (SOC) services. Nixu’s SOC is operated from Finland. With our Cyber Defense Center, you'll get a comprehensive set of cybersecurity services for threat prevention, detection, and mitigation with real-time supervision in digital environments. We combine the best of breed technology with the skills of top professionals in the field and help you to:

Detect early. Our cybersecurity specialists hunt for threats, monitor data and alerts from your environments, and flag anomalies 24/7 with the aid of modern detection technology. We help you protect all your workstations, servers, cloud services, IoT devices, and OT environments. 

Protect proactively. Active mitigation is our tactic. If we discover a threat in your system, we'll fix the issue right away. 

Stay on top of threats with timely threat intelligence. Our expert team monitors numerous threat intelligence feeds and constantly updates detection rules, so the findings are enriched with the latest threat intel that is relevant to your environments and line of business. You'll learn about the latest strategies cybercriminals and threat agents are using.

Respond efficiently and ensure your business continuity. If there's an incidentour Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) team will lead the investigationfind out what happened, and ensure you'll get back in business in no time. Our DFIR team has experience from multiple high-profile cases like CEO fraud, espionage, and corporate ransomware. We provide both on-site and remote assistance.

Protect your brand and reputation. Showing your customer and partners that you take cybersecurity seriously will build trust and increase your value in their eyes. 

We lift the responsibility for operational cybersecurity from your shoulders. We protect you against known and unknown threats and possible security gaps. We can offer you an overarching solution to all your cyber defense needs, but you can also acquire different services individually, e.g., to complement your existing monitoring solutions. Read more about our services and contact us. Together we can find you the best and most efficient solution for your information security.

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  • Markku Rapo

    Markku Rapo

    Head of Sales

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