Information network assessment

Reliable information networks are one of the cornerstones of the modern society. The huge number of different networks and the constant stream of new challenges push developers towards network redesign and technological innovation.

Nixu carries out dozens of different network assessments every year, helping its customers to ensure their information networks work properly. We have carried out network assessments for SMEs, public limited companies and government organisations, both at the technical level and the level of management. In addition to assessing active networks, we have joined projects at the conceptual stage to provide sparring, continuous implementation support as well as extensive vulnerability scans and penetration testing. 

Our assessments have included, among other things, tests and evaluations of communications protocols and their implementation, network devices, core networks, local networks, network maintenance practices and network fault tolerance. After decades in the business, we have learned to use every tool in the box from PowerPoint schematics to protocol analysers. As useful as they might be, automatic tools are used only in the first step of our data acquisition process. The next step is to analyse, prioritise and refine the data into useful observations and recommendations.

External requirements, such as The Finnish National Security Auditing Criteria (Katakri) or PCI-DSS, are a part of our everyday business, and we have learned to deal with them.

Good planning wins the day

Network design and maintenance requires great care and the ability to manage multiple requirements. Information security cannot simply be slapped on by adding aftermarket equipment at the last minute: it starts with proper planning.

Track changes in your network

It is not often we have witnessed a network that has not changed with time. Some of the changes may be unwanted and therefore any anomalies should be detected quickly.

Select practical wholes for testing

Testing an entire network may involve huge amounts of work and can be a taxing process. Steer clear of excessive testing by addressing challenges in manageable chunks. Whether they are individual protocols or architectural frameworks, a whole is always the sum of several parts.

Collaborator security audit

Evaluating the security level and compliance status of collaborators and 3rd parties.
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PCI Onsite Assessment

The official PCI DSS assessment service since 2006.
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