Business continuity management

Ready or not, accidents will happen. The question is: are you prepared?

Have you identified the crises and incidents that threaten your business’s objectives, vital assets and reputation? How have you prepared your organization for them?

Business impact assessment (BIA) pinpoints the consequences of various incidents that threaten the daily business. We assist in conducting BIA for your business processes.

With us you can develop a comprehensive and continuous Business continuity management (BCM) approach that fits your needs and business objectives. Better understanding of continuity risks helps to plan for cost-effective response activities tailored for your business.

As a side result, managing business continuity will also improve your everyday business activities and their efficiency. Increased awareness of business continuity issues and activities through the organization enables acting according to a unified strategy rather than reacting ad-hoc.


Nixu’s approach to Business Continuity Management

Business continuity management

Business Impact Analysis

Business Impact Assessment (BIA) identifies organization’s mission critical activities and key components as well as the level of impact that an incident can cause to them. 

Nixu’s approach

Our BCM approach is based on BS25999 standard and on Business Continuity Institute’s (BCI) Good Practice Guidelines (GPG).



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