Compliance Management

The constant change in the number, scope and quality of requirements is a great challenge for most organisations. Regulatory compliance is no longer sufficient in an environment where different standards and agreements govern company operations and involve extensive reporting.

Systematic compliance management should be seen as a part of organisation risk management. Compliance management consists of identifying requirements, analysing the current state of the organisation, evaluating the risks and costs related to non-compliance as well as determining the priorities and implementation of corrective measures. Additionally, managing your organisation's own compliance is not sufficient. It is often recommendable to set clearly defined requirements for your subcontractors and partners.

Each passing year has brought new requirements. Due to the huge increase in security breaches, this trend is expected to continue well into the future.

Nixu will help you identify requirements and assess risks related to them. We will also help you plan and implement corrective measures. Nixu can also perform official audits according to different standards, such as the PCI DSS. We will also help you deploy your own requirements to partners and to ensure they follow their obligations.

Our experts have extensive experience in both security implementation and audits based on different standards and guidelines, including: PCI DSS, ISO27000, the Finnish government's information security levels, The Finnish national security audit criteria Katakri as well as acts on the protection of privacy.

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