Checklist for online consumer services

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Nixu Blog

February 6, 2018 at 10:36

Here is a quick checklist for you to go through and check how many of your users you are annoying with tedious registration and login processes.

Check the following transaction amounts:*

  • Registration form loads vs. registrations/month
  • Logins/month vs. failed logins/month per channel (web, mobile etc.)
  • Password resets vs. the number of active users
  • Customer service contact concerning login or credentials

* Some amount of form submits can be bots trying to brute force access to your site, but typically these add up to 30-50% of e.g. failed logins (if no means are implemented to block brute force attacks).

Analyse if you need to develop your customer on-boarding and login process:

  • New account registrations do not correlate with the number of visitors
    • This correlates with your conversion rates
    • Pages with registration forms have a high bounce rate, they drive away your customers
  • Your failed login amount is above 10 percent of successful one
  • Password reset is above 5 percent of the amount of active users
    • The number of customers that need to go through a process of resetting their password before logging in
    • You might also want to check the correlation between initiated password resets to finished password resets
  • Customer service contacts are high
    • You can calculate further with an estimate of cost for each customer service contact/month (typically around 30€/contact)

Then, how to fix things?

Online services


  • Ask information progressively, start from the main contact like email address (i.e. Minimum Viable Identity)
  • Enable one button registration via social media logins



  • Stop using traditional passwords or at least provide multiple other login methods, like social media logins, one-time passwords etc.
  • Check where the customers are coming from to your site, they might already be logged-in at your business partner’s site so you can enable Single Sign-On


By doing this you can increase your conversion rate, improve customer experience and serve customers with the increased level of personalization.