Robert Stoot

Robert Stoot

Senior Sales Manager

Technology innovations in IoT are here to stay. Connected devices throughout industries enable disruptive business models that deliver value throughout the product life cycle. The term ‘customer experience’ will take on completely new meaning, since it is crucial to create customer stickiness and learn as much as possible from users in order to continuously deliver the highest possible value over time.

As device connectivity is coming to people’s homes, cars, elevators, healthcare products and other sensitive parts of our lives, it is clear that ensuring customer security and privacy is a must. In order to gain customer trust and loyalty, investing in transparency and security is a winning strategy and enables significant differentiation when compared to competitors.

Nixu’s security engineering and secure R&D teams have decades of experience in IoT and connected, embedded devices. Our customers come from a variety of industries, with different business models, technologies and platforms. We enable your innovation by ensuring your success when it comes to securing your intellectual property, your customer data ecosystems and your privacy.

In order to succeed in our mission, we constantly employ the best professionals on the market and provide an environment with new professional challenges to ensure that our team of more than 300 people remains the best and our services are of the highest quality in Europe. Our customers have won prizes in IoT security, which enables us to keep up the good work and support our customers in their innovations.


DPO as a Service

Nixu’s Data Protection Officer (DPO) as a Service ensures your organization’s designated DPO has extensive legal, technical and managerial privacy expertise. Your tailored DPO will be accessed through one main contact backed up by a multi-skilled team, guaranteeing availability also during holiday seasons and yearly flu epidemics. The DPO will handle and coordinate expert non-operative GDPR tasks such as contact with authorities, privacy training, DPIA specialist advice, reviews of accountability documentation and managing of data breaches. This specialist service stays up to date with privacy legislation and ensures you have the right items on your organization's privacy steering group.


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IoT Cybersecurity Roadmap

Internet-facing devices and IoT ecosystems are easy targets for automated attacks. Still, IoT devices are something that end-users don't remember to patch - they expect them to be secure and privacy-friendly, and are willing to pay more for those features. In addition to the increased end-user awareness, there's pressure to conform to cybersecurity standards. In healthcare, industrial automation, and other regulated fields, verified security and certification are the only way into the market.

Our IoT Cybersecurity Roadmap gets you on the right track of building IoT products and services with security and privacy beyond compare. Our professionals in IoT and embedded security, software development security, and cloud security examine your product architecture, development lifecycle, and cloud architecture to provide actionable recommendations. Our roadmap allows you to:

  • Learn your IoT ecosystem's security strengths and weaknesses compared with the market expectations and threats associated with the digital world.
  • Compare your conformance to security best practices and applicable standards and regulations.
  • Get a development program with actionable steps to secure your entire ecosystem, aligned with your business objectives.
  • Achieve a sustainable security level with optimized investments.
  • Build trust among your customers and users.

Let your IoT products differentiate with cybersecurity. Contact us for more information.

Secure R&D Support

Applying security as part of your design and product development enables your products to avoid and withstand security breaches. Our goal is to tailor a security framework within your existing product development process that meets your industry’s standards. We utilize known methodologies such as BSIMM, SAMM, or Microsoft SDL, which include a variety of security controls and activities such as threat modeling, business impact assessments, code reviews, and more.

  • Quick guide on how to make IoT a security enabler
  • Robert Stoot

    Robert Stoot

    Senior Sales Manager

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