Nixu DevSecOps
Towards secure products and services 

Automate security in product development and comply with cybersecurity regulations, all without compromising development pace.

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Three service modules

Independent services to match your needs and scale throughout your organization.

DevSecOps Design

Strategic design



A framework to govern your Secure Development Lifecycle with policies, requirements, controls and KPIs.

DevSecOps Coach

Tactical implementation



Tools, guides and processes to reach the desired DevSecOps maturity.


Hands-on support for development teams to adopt full DevSecOps and reach desired compliance.

DevSecOps Core

Automated verification



Continuous detection of application vulnerabilities and mitigation advisory, without any hassle or learning curves.


Available for Embedded, Web and Mobile applications.

How DevSecOps benefits your business


Minimized vulnerabilities in production

Digital and connected products are becoming key revenue streams. Did you know: 75% of attacks use vulnerabilities that are at least two years old? Converging cybersecurity with product development minimizes risk of monetary loss and PR nightmares due to application security breaches. Nixu helps you ensure a constant and high security posture from day one, helping you manage risk and enable business from the start.


Conformance to relevant cybersecurity standards

Regulatory and compliance demands aimed to ensure user privacy, safety, and business continuity are at an all-time high. Nixu DevSecOps services are designed to support conformance with all major security standards across different industries, from banking to automotive.


Reach fastest time-to-market with optimized cost

As the pace of digitalization becomes faster and go-to-market cycles shorter, security often becomes an afterthought due to lack of time – but it doesn’t need to be this way. Our DevSecOps service is built to minimize the overhead of your development team without slowing their pace. Your investment will be aimed at getting instant results.


Gain constant visibility into product & application security

Testing once a year is not enough – this leaves you vulnerable for the other 364 days. Know how vulnerable your products are at any given time, enabling the fastest threat mitigation possible. The service is applicable to web and mobile apps, as well as embedded products.

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Why choose Nixu?



Nixu is one of the largest cybersecurity organizations in the Northern Europe with 400 cyber-specialists supporting you. Our track record includes industry awards and a roster of certified clients from a wide range of industries. Here’s what some of our clients say about us:


“The partnership with Nixu ensures that Konecranes has an up-to-date view of cybersecurity and the expertise that supports Konecranes in information security development.”

Pasi Vilja, Chief Information Security Officer at Konecranes


“One of the reasons why Nixu has been on this journey for many years is that it takes a willingness to understand our industry and business. Nixu does this.”

Stefan Bylling Møller, IT and Digital Director at Ejner Hessel


“It is imperative that we have the best possible data protection in place. Nixu’s expertise has elevated us to the forefront of security in the industrial automation space.“

Theis Solberg Hjorth, Senior Security Architect, Global Research & Development at Danfoss Drives


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