IoT & Product Security

Jukka Leskio

Jukka Leskio

Head of IoT & Product Security

Secure your IoT innovations to ensure a competitive edge 

Embedded devices, wearable gadgets, and the Industrial Internet of Things are here to stay. Connected devices throughout both in consumer business and industrial environments enable disruptive business models that deliver value throughout the product life cycle. As device connectivity is coming to people's homes, cars, elevators, and healthcare products, it is clear that ensuring the security and privacy of your customers is a must. 

Nixu's security engineering and secure R&D teams have decades of experience in IoT and connected embedded devices. To succeed in our mission, we continuously employ the best professionals on the market and provide an environment with new professional challenges. We help you to:

Design and implement secure & privacy-aware IoT devices. We help you to create relevant and risk-based security requirements for your IoT products and related services. Our customers come from a variety of industries, with different business models, technologies, and platforms. Additionally, we can implement all the necessary security features into your devices as part of your R&D team.

Create secure, manageable, and compliant products. We will deliver an entire platform, fit for your device resource constraints, with a suitable device management solution for secure Over-The-Air updates, all secured as a service. You can now focus on what matters most - apps, either natively developed or containerized. Your devices will be secured and monitored for vulnerabilities and active breach attempts. 

Release and deploy IoT products that have been thoroughly verified. We help you integrate automated security verification tools into your development process and orchestrate these tools so you can monitor the security status of all of your products. Additionally, we will test your software against specified criteria and conduct thorough device penetration tests.

Secure your production environment and released products. We help you set up vulnerability scanning and software composition analysis tools to discover known vulnerabilities from your development and production environments. Investing in transparency and security is a winning strategy to gain your end-users' trust and loyalty, enabling significant differentiation compared to competitors.

Our customers have won innovation prizes in IoT security, enabling us to keep up the good work and support our customers in their innovations. Will you be one of them? Read more and contact us. Together, we can find the best solution to allow your innovations to thrive while ensuring your products' security.


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  • Jukka Leskio

    Jukka Leskio

    Head of IoT & Product Security

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