Do you know the cybersecurity risks related to your operating environment?

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November 23, 2022 at 10:00

Are you sure that you know all cybersecurity risks related to your operating environment? Being aware of the unpredictable cybersecurity environment has never been more important. At the same time, managing all cybersecurity risks may sound impossible or at least very expensive.

Well-executed cybersecurity is based on good planning. A Cybersecurity Roadmap helps you with understanding your current situation, identifying your development areas, and building best practices for your business.

The top 3 benefits of having a Cybersecurity Roadmap are:

  1. You become proactive.
  2. You can justify the investment in business language and make well-founded decisions based on data instead of best practices.
  3. Your stakeholders know you take cybersecurity very seriously.

Take a look how the Cybersecurity Roadmap gives you 360° view of your security maturity here.

Proactivity replaces reactivity

Gone are the days when reacting to cybersecurity incidents was enough and acceptable. And gone are the days when cybersecurity was something that just the IT department was involved with.

To future-proof your business, you need to systematically improve your cybersecurity to balance the risk levels with the business benefits. Moreover, to be able to do this, every employee needs to understand the importance of cybersecurity and the role they play in it.

A Cybersecurity Roadmap sheds light on issues often overlooked and helps you to communicate and delegate development needs across the organization. It also makes onboarding new IT personnel easier.

Cybersecurity in business language

Everyone wants great security until they have to pay for it. Facts, numbers, and precise estimates are what top management expects to see for all investments – Cybersecurity is no exception.

A comprehensive Cybersecurity Roadmap pinpoints risks and gaps and also provides recommendations on how to take action. It becomes easier for management to understand the priorities, resources, and budget required. In some cases, cybersecurity can even be a way for your business to stand out, create value, and generate revenue.

Be at the top of the cybersecurity game

These days, showing that cybersecurity is a top priority is a must-have for all organizations. To prove that this is more than just words, many use audits and certifications to convince customers and other stakeholders. Indeed, certifications are great in demonstrating what has been done. But what if you are on a path toward even better cybersecurity? How do you tell a credible story about the journey and the destination?

A good Cybersecurity Roadmap is a detailed action plan communicating the right points at the right time. It is a thorough analysis of the current state, but it is also your action plan for the future. Having and maintaining your roadmap will ensure you’re always at the top of your game.

Hardly nobody can manage all risks, but everybody should be aware of them.

Wish to dig deeper into your current cybersecurity maturity? Nixu’s advisors are happy to discuss and demonstrate the benefits you could gain from a Cybersecurity Roadmap.



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