Cybersecurity Roadmap gives you the full spectrum

Are you sure that you are aware of all cybersecurity risks related to your operating environment? Cybersecurity Roadmap ensures a 360-degree view into your organization’s cybersecurity posture and provides a strategic plan for the future.

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Do you know how much you need to spend on cybersecurity? Cybersecurity Roadmap helps you to define gaps, risks and opportunities.


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1. Cover all aspects of cybersecurity

Do you know how secure your organization is? Do you know how much you need to spend on cybersecurity and how to prioritize your investment?

With our 360-degree audit and broad service portfolio we ensure that your organization can operate safe and effectively so that you can concentrate on your core business.

Did you know?


Of board respondents feel confident or very confident that their company is properly secured against a cyberattack.


Of directors are dissatisfied with the quality of cyber-risk information provided to the board by management.

Source: 1 “2017-2018NACDPublicCompanyGovernanceSurvey,“National Association of Corporate Directors.
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2. Define your overall risk reality

Do you know what are all the relevant risks to your organization? In order to know where you stand you need to be fully aware of your status and operating environment.

A 360-degree view defines your organization’s most priced assets and gives a realistic status about your risks and opportunities. You get a clear understanding of your appetite for risk, and where your organization stands compared to industry standards, peers and stakeholders.

CISO Says… Lies, damn lies!

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3. Get full clarity and a clear view of your posture

Cybersecurity Roadmap is the ultimate tool to get clear vision of your cybersecurity posture. But as much as we like tech, we know better not to forget the people.

Nixu’s Cybersecurity Roadmap provides tools for communicating the full status and needs of your organization’s cybersecurity. It helps you to make informed, solid fact-based decisions and prioritize them, so that you get most return of investment and clarity how to define a realistic budget.

4. Comprehensive data-based analysis and an action plan

The outcome of our comprehensive analysis is conducted by both business consultants and technology pros. This makes us unique.

We help you create an actionable and a smooth path forward and prioritize your cybersecurity investments to ensure agile and risk-based security protection.

How to efficiently plan and prioritize your cybersecurity investments

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5. Total readiness towards the future

Managing growing cybersecurity challenges is continuous and long-term work. That is why ongoing support is vital after the action plan is executed and implemented.

Repetitive and regular testing and auditing are required since cybersecurity threats and risks are constantly evolving. Knowing your up-to-date cybersecurity posture and status in the changing operating environment helps you prevent concerns and minimize vulnerabilities.

When was the last time you updated your cybersecurity posture?

Find out more about our successful co-operation references below and how we were able to help our clients.

"The Cybersecurity Roadmap gave us an excellent overview of our cybersecurity posture, and based on the conclusions in the report, we made a prioritized list of our cybersecurity investment. We started by fixing the issues with low complexity and high business value. Further to that, we made a long-term plan on how we should improve and solve issues with high complexity." Martin Schmidt, Digital Manager, Akademikernes A-kasse

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