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European Cybersecurity Month 2021


Anu Laitila


Anu Laitila

Cybersecurity Awareness
Business Manager

Be vigilant towards
cybercrime and hackers

October is European Cybersecurity Month and provides the opportunity for individuals and organizations to increase their cybersecurity awareness skills. Having these skills is crucial to be able to identify and mitigate risks so that you and your businesses can stay resilient and prevent attacks.

Throughout October, you'll find the latest Nixu cybersecurity videos, insights, case studies, and practical tips to help organizations improve their cybersecurity posture. We’ve also scheduled some fantastic webinars with some of our most prestigious partners during the month so don’t forget to register your spot!

Reasons behind cybercrime

reasons behind cybercrime


Cybersecurity awareness webinars during October 2021:

webinar oct 19 hoxhunt on "How to make cybersecurity awareness a proactive part of your organization" 09.00-09.45 cet

Tue 19th October, 9:00-9:45 AM CET

How do you create an engaging awareness program that employees are interested in listening to, while it increases knowledge, and ultimately changes behavior? In this webinar, we explain how organizations can effectively engage with their employees, improve communications, and above all - increase awareness. Key points you will learn during this webinar include:

  • Behavior modeling
  • Defining culture
  • Developing an engagement strategy
  • Communication methods

We have reserved time for a live Q&A session, should you have any questions please send them to us beforehand at

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webinar oct 26 knowbe4 on "RANSOMWARE 101" 09.00-09.45 CET

Tue, Oct 26, 2021 at 09:00 AM - 09:45 AM CEST

During the first half of 2021, the number of organizations falling victim to ransomware more than doubled across the world. Ransomware is a current and serious threat that is costing organizations around $20 billion in damages each year.

In this webinar, KnowBe4’s Security Advocate, Jelle Wieringa, and Nixu’s Cybersecurity Business Manager, Anu Laitila, dive into why this lucrative business of ransomware is so successful and give you the specialist insight on how to prepare for and defend against this ever-increasing threat.

Join in to get actionable insights on:
  • The organization behind the ransomware attacks
  • How ransomware has evolved over time
  • How to best defend against this threat

We have reserved time for a live Q&A session, should you have any questions please send them to us beforehand at

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Reserve an appointment with Nixu Awareness experts to have dialogue and guidance on how to design and implement a successful awareness program. The exact timing and topic of the session can be agreed when booking the session.

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What's in the kit?

  • On-demand webinar and whitepaper
  • Cybersecurity Awareness Month Guide
  • Cybersecurity Awareness Weekly Planner
  • Two free training modules "Your Role: Internet Security and You" and "2021 Social Engineering Red Flags"
  • Infographics, tip sheets, awareness posters, and much more
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Are you suspecting a data breach?

Check the list of typical data breach symptoms and instructions on how to manage a security incident.

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Cybersecurity exercises to
expose vulnerabilities 

Imagine you receive a call from the press: “Is your network under attack?” they ask. What will you say?

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Beware about phishing emails.

Cybercriminals are sending Coronavirus-themed phishing messages. Check our tips so you can detect phishing.

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Security patches are the medicine for computers. Don't skip them!

Read other cyber hygiene tips from our blog post to keep your computers healthy.

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Remote work takeoff checklist.

Download our tips about handling confidential documents, conference calls, and other things you need to be mindful of when you are working remotely.   

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Keep your kids safe and secure online. 

It’s OK for kids to be active online, but it’s good to know some ground rules about sharing content, using passwords, and installing security updates. Check our advice!

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Nixu haCME Social Engineering Playing cards

We created a social engineering game for practicing different psychological scenarios to help people to be more resistant and aware of social engineering attacks as they are a reality and are happening all the time, online and in real life.

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