Benefits of having a Security Operations Center as a Service

Jan Mickos 2022

Jan Mickos

SVP Managed Services

May 16, 2023 at 10:00

In our digital businesses and digital societies, uninterrupted digital services are a must. We can’t afford cyberattacks such as ransomware to deny access to the systems that we depend on. However, as long as everything works fine, interest in security tends to be low. Why is a Security Operations Center the best solution to ensure everything remains unscathed?

People in leadership positions will be blamed if the organization falls victim to a cyberattack. But they have a hard time getting to grips with cybersecurity. It is a domain riddled with weird jargon, acronyms, and buzzwords comprehensible only to experts. Leaders must simply assume that the in-house IT department has everything under control.

But here comes the critical problem: Globally, very few IT organizations have such a level of expertise and resources that today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape requires. Typically, they have deeply fragmented and siloed cybersecurity with multiple separate solutions. That leads to very narrow visibility and situational awareness, which are fatal handicaps.

How to fill in these gaps?

A centralized channel, like a Security Operations Center (SOC), is crucial for any organization to manage all security operations. It gathers information from various sources and delivers it to all parties in a comprehensible language, creating and implementing new security tactics. A SOC is essential for all organizations, regardless of industry and size.

To summarize, here are the key benefits of a SOC:

  1. Minimizes business downtime
  2. Provides full visibility around the clock
  3. Responds to incidents
  4. Reduces reputational risks
  5. Protects IPR
  6. Ensures regulatory compliance

To avoid downtime and minimize the risk of cyber threats like ransomware, organizations must have a SOC. A SOC provides 360-degree visibility and holistic real-time situational awareness, reducing the risk of security gaps. In case a security incident is detected, its response is rapid and follows a systematic process. The SOC significantly reduces the reputational risks that a cyberattack may cause. It also protects valuable intellectual property and ensures compliance with regulations like the European NIS2 cybersecurity directive.

Nixu Security Operations Center process description
Security Fusion is at the core of Security Operations Center

Outsourcing SOC is smart and cost-effective

However, running a modern SOC in-house is a very complex and expensive undertaking. Recruiting and keeping suitable personnel is tough in a world where cybersecurity expertise is in high demand. No wonder even the largest enterprises have concluded that it makes no sense to set up and maintain an in-house SOC. Instead, having a SOC as a Service from a qualified partner is the smart, cost-effective, and practical solution.

The weaker the cyber defense of an organization is, the more likely it is that it will be targeted – and becomes a victim of a successful attack. Ask yourself: How long can your organization function without any IT systems?

A SOC is something your organization cannot live without.

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