Reduce the risk of a cyberattack by building a healthy security culture

Did you know that 74% of all breaches include a human element, be it stolen credentials or social engineering? To mitigate the risk of a cyber-attack, organizations should educate employees about possible threats and how to recognize and report them. This is the purpose of a Security Awareness Program.

Teaching employees about cybersecurity will strengthen an organization’s overall security and resilience.

This whitepaper explains why a Security Awareness Program is vital to an organization and what it includes. The whitepaper also considers the possible risks of a cyberattack and the cornerstones to a successful Security Awareness Program.

After reading this whitepaper, you will:

  • Learn how a cyberattack can affect your organization

  • Know how an Awareness Program will improve your

    organization’s security culture

  • Understand what a successful Awareness Program contains

  • Be informed about how to build an Awareness Program

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