Rentle Modernizes the Rental Business – Payment Card Security Verified by Nixu

Niki Klaus

Niki Klaus, Nixu Corporation

Managing Director, Nixu Certification Ltd.

Rentle accelerates sustainable consumption of durable goods powered with modern rental-specific payment methods – and now it has received a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Attestation of Compliance.

Rentle is a software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based platform designed for companies globally providing end customers with rentals and other transactions of goods or services. The platform enables rental companies to digitalize their business, by utilizing digital contracts and by providing their customers with a seamless online payment experience. Rentle enables companies to integrate their rentals with a unique contracting and deposit mechanism for secure transactions and risk management leading into a frictionless customer experience.

Rentle takes security particularly seriously

Rentle wants to offer the best service and safest product to its customers. This has led the company to take extra steps in ensuring payment security. The Rentle platform accepts payment card payments and therefore it is required to comply with the payment card industry’s data security requirements specified in the PCI DSS standard. As Rentle provides its platform for several companies, they must also be able to prove their compliance with these security requirements.

Rentle’s digital platform meets the payment industry security requirements

Nixu performed an independent onsite assessment, in which a Nixu Qualified Security Assessor (PCI DSS auditor) assessed Rentle’s entire environment in which payment card payments are accepted. As a result of the onsite assessment performed by Nixu, Rentle’s platform and its supporting operations were found to be compliant with all of the payment card industry’s relevant security requirements. As evidence of this, PCI DSS attestation of compliance was completed for Rentle.
With the attestation of compliance, Rentle’s customers and other stakeholder companies can easily confirm that Rentle is compliant with and is committed to following all payment card industry security requirements. As this was Rentle’s first PCI DSS Onsite Assessment, Rentle also gained valuable confirmation that their implemented security controls were appropriate to meet the industry requirements.

“It is always exciting to get a chance to assess new solutions which help the world to digitalize. It was also a pleasure to see that Rentle has a good mindset for ensuring secure payment experience and that they had already put effort into not only complying with security requirements, but also ensuring that the implemented controls are fit for purpose”, says Niki Klaus, Business Leader, Certification Services at Nixu Corporation.


Nixu’s Assessment Service

The PCI DSS Onsite Assessment is the assessment service for all parties that store, process or transmit cardholder data or can otherwise impact the security of it. Nixu has experience in assessing different organization types such as large retail chains, small cafés, global service providers, payment gateways, airlines and banks. Nixu does not only assess, but also helps the customer in achieving and maintaining compliance.
This service is designed to be effective and causes minimal disruptions to the organization’s day-to-day operations. The assessment is divided into phases: Scoping, Documentation Review, Technical Tests and Site Visits, Interview and Observation sessions, Reporting and Closeout meeting. Each phase is carefully designed to guarantee a successful assessment with minimal disruptions.

“Payments are at the core of any successful purchase experience – and especially important in rentals where they include various essential risk mitigation methodologies. Nixu exceeded our expectations in all parts of the assessment with their professional approach and overall great customer service”, says Tuomo Laine, Managing Director and Co-Founder at Rentle.


Rentle in Brief:
Our vision is to accelerate sustainable consumption of durable goods – globally. Rentle provides groundbreaking software to consumer rental businesses around the world and digitizes the industry from small businesses to large enterprises. We offer free and paid rental software that is used to rent goods such as sports equipment, audio and video equipment, clothing or power tools, to mention a few. We take pride in focusing on user experience and usability in all aspects of our solutions.

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  • Niki Klaus

    Niki Klaus, Nixu Corporation

    Managing Director, Nixu Certification Ltd.