Nixu White Hat Hackers Dominate OWASP Challenge

July 4, 2013 at 00:00

In conjunction with OWASP EU Tour 2013 in May and June, OWASP organized a CTF (capture the flag) competition for hackers. Top 3 positions in the final scoreboard went to Nixu. Totally 109 participants all over the world took part in this competition.

The competition consisted of 15 challenges that included reverse engineering binaries, breaking encryption, analyzing traffic captures, exploiting web application vulnerabilities. Competitors received points by solving the challenges.

Nixu's hackers felt that the competition was a lot of fun. Some of the challenges were easy but the harder ones were the most enjoyable. Two of the challenges remained unsolved in the competition. Two winning hackers are working in Nixu's computer forensics team and one is working in pentesting team.

The next challenge for Nixu hackers will be participation in the global Cyberlympics starting this summer. All of the top 3 competitors are part of Nixu 's team in that competition.