A checklist for successful identity management

Nixu Blog

Nixu Blog

June 3, 2015 at 10:30

Identity and access management is mostly about processes However, when looking at the results of a project, the most visible part is often the identity management system.

When developing and identity management system, it is important to understand that the project involves developing a process. Identity management processes penetrate the entire organisation from HR to the helpdesk. The IT department cannot be expected to handle the project alone.

Thorough groundwork is the best way to ensure that investing in identity management pays off.  Follow this seven-point checklist to get your organisations development project on the right track:

  1. Define IAM policy and establish an IAM organisation. 
  2. List all business requirements for identity management.
  3. Plan identity management processes. 
  4. Design the desired architecture.
  5. Define the requirements for the identity management solution. 
  6. Itemise and create the roadmap. 
  7. Implement the necessary software solutions in stages.