Enhancing Compliance with DNB Regulations: Empowering your organization with Automated IGA Controls

Pascal van Vugt

Pascal van Vugt

Delivery Leader

September 14, 2023 at 14:00

In today's ever-changing regulatory landscape, financial organizations in The Netherlands prioritize compliance with regulations set out by De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB). For several years, DNB has been investigating the quality of information security and cybersecurity within the financial sector in the Netherlands. DNB has been doing this since 2010 based on periodic self-assessments carried out by the institutions under DNB’s supervision. As a guide for completing these self-assessments, DNB has indicated in the 'Good Practice Information Security' what they focus on during their investigations.

Meeting DNB's good practices calls for robust controls in relation to Identity Governance and Administration (IGA). In this blog post, we will explore how automated IGA controls can help customers efficiently and effectively achieve compliance with DNB regulations. Based on the following IGA elements, we explain how you can comply with various DNB controls. 

  • Effortless Management of User Identities: IGA solutions offer a centralized platform for seamlessly managing the entire identity lifecycle within your organization. This control relates to DNB control 17.2 (User account management) and enables you to:

    • Simplify User Onboarding and Offboarding: With this automated control you can swiftly grant access rights to new employees and promptly revoke them when they leave the organization. This minimizes the risk of unauthorized access and aligns with DNB's requirements for timely access management.
    • Streamline Access Request and Approval: Automated workflows simplify the process of requesting and approving access privileges, ensuring that all access requests go through proper authorization channels. This control provides an auditable trail and aligns with DNB's regulations on access controls.
  • Efficient Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) and/or Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC): IGA tools help you to implement and enforce RBAC and ABAC, a critical element in DNB compliance. This requirement is included DNB control 17.1 (Identity & Access management). RBAC and ABAC offer the following benefits:
    • Prevent Conflicts of Interest: RBAC and ABAC identify and prevent conflicts of interest by assigning users roles that do not possess conflicting access privileges. This control ensures compliance with DNB's regulations on internal controls and risk management.
    • Implement Least Privilege Principle: Automated RBAC and ABAC assigns users the minimum necessary access rights based on their job functions. This control helps you meet DNB's requirements for data protection and access control.
  • Streamlined Access Recertification and Review: Regular access reviews and recertifications are essential to ensure that user access rights remain appropriate and compliant. These requirements are included in DNB control 17.1 (Identity & Access management) and control 7.1 (Segregation of Duties). Automated controls in IGA tools facilitate this process by:
    • Automating Access Review Campaigns: IGA solutions generate access review reports, send notifications to users and managers, and track review completion. This control guarantees that access rights undergo periodic review and validation, aligning with DNB's regulations on access control.
    • Detecting and Remedying Conflicts: Automated IGA controls include Segregation of Duties (SoD) analysis capabilities to identify and address potential conflicts of interest in user access privileges. This control demonstrates proactive compliance with DNB's regulations on risk management.
  • Detailed Audit Trail and Reporting: IGA solutions provide you with a comprehensive audit trail of IAM-related activities. DNB includes audit trail and reporting requirements in multiple controls, such as control 4.1 (IT Risk Management Framework). The following IGA features can be utilized to execute the DNB controls:
    • Logging and Retention: IGA solutions maintain detailed logs of user activities, access requests, approvals, and changes to access privileges. This functionality ensures that audit trails are readily available for compliance audits and regulatory reporting.
    • Reporting and Compliance Dashboards: IGA solutions offer pre-defined or customizable reports and compliance dashboards. These tools provide you with visibility into IAM compliance metrics, access review status, and audit findings, facilitating compliance with DNB's reporting requirements.

Complying with DNB regulations and applying the 'Good Practice Information Security' is of utmost importance for financial organizations in The Netherlands. By embracing automated controls in your IGA solution, you can effectively meet these regulatory requirements. Effortless management of user identities, streamlined role-based access control, efficient access recertification and review, and robust audit trail and reporting capabilities are essential components of automated IGA controls that empower you to achieve compliance with DNB regulations. Embracing these controls enhances data protection, access control, and regulatory reporting, thus building trust among customers and stakeholders while maintaining a secure operating environment.

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