Recap: Disobey Hacker Event Shakes Things Up in Finland

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March 20, 2024 at 12:00

We recently bid farewell to another electrifying edition of Disobey, the renowned hacker event that took Helsinki and Finland by storm already for the seventh time. Over the course of a February weekend, 1,800 tech enthusiasts, cybersecurity experts, and digital rebels gathered at one of the largest cyber events in the Nordics. What did the event look like through the eyes of two cyber security experts? Nixu’s Team Leader for National and Cloud Security, Jens Säynäjärvi and Security Specialist Santtu Sievänen shared their experience and highlights of the event.

Disobey is a melting pot of innovation and creativity, attracting people not just from Finland but also from several other countries, such as Sweden, Norway, Austria, and Germany. One of the hallmarks of Disobey is its commitment to openness and inclusivity; the organizers believe that everyone can teach others something about the world. In an industry event of inherent secrecy, hackers push boundaries by sharing, testing, and comparing their skills while celebrating the spirit of hacking amidst technical puzzles. 

The atmosphere at Disobey was electrifying
The atmosphere at Disobey was electrifying

From riveting talks by top security specialists to hands-on workshops, technical challenges and captivating demos, Disobey offered a diverse range of activities catering to all interests and skill levels. It's easy for hackers to attend an event where everyone is focused on technology instead of business. The inclusiveness also attracts future stars, not just hard-core hackers. 

Disobey contributes to the cause of finding new talents

As the global need for skilled cyber security professionals grows, the industry must find ways to attract more experts and top hackers. Disobey plays its part as a gateway to many enthusiasts finding their dream job in cyber. The crowd size is a testimony to the event's popularity, making it not just a conference but a movement. Compared to the tickets being sold out in two hours last year, this year, they sold out in minutes.

By participating in Disobey and other industry events, Nixu wants to be actively involved in building the future of the cyber security industry. After all, Disobey is a place to spread the industry's meaningful message and enthusiastic vibe. 

Joy stems from belonging to a shared cyber community

Jens Säynäjärvi at Disobey 2024
Jens at Disobey 2024 after some styling at the glitter station

This year, Nixu shared a stand with its partner, Palo Alto Networks. Jens was stationed at the stand, where he engaged in rewarding conversations with friends, former colleagues, peers, customers, and partners. “Everyone knows Nixu, but this year, there were also many questions and sincere interest in Nixu becoming part of the DNV family and continuing under the DNV Cyber brand starting in 2025,” he says. 

In addition to refreshing drinks and “swag” merch, Nixu and Palo Alto also offered visitors a chance to try and crack their Capture the Flag (CTF) challenge. Solving the highly liked technical puzzle required answering questions based on Palo Alto’s software logs. Many tried, and some even succeeded.

The enthusiastic atmosphere was palpable to Jens: “I believe that the majority of the participants at Disobey share the same feeling, where it doesn’t matter what your background or who your employer is because everyone is just happy to be a part of this amazing community.” 


Santtu, who started his cyber career as a teen a few years ago at Nixu, celebrated the win of Disobey’s CTF hacking competition with a team of his peers, also including other fellow Nixuans. He finds it extremely valuable that Nixu does good for the community by supporting Disobey because the event would not exist without the sponsoring companies. 

“For our part, we enable an event that is important to the people in the industry. At the same time, we can share information about all the inspiring professional challenges Nixu offers to cyber experts. We are not at Disobey to do business, so calculating the return on investment is difficult, but if Nixu weren't there, it would be noticed,” he concludes.

Winners, incl. Santtu fourth from the left, of the Disobey CTF challenge on stage

Both Santtu and Jens think that the best part about Disobey is definitely the numerous encounters with fellow cyber enthusiasts. After all, despite the vibrant surroundings, the event would be nothing without the community and its people. 

Until next time – keep hacking, keep disobeying!

If you think you could be one of our new cyber security stars, take a look at our open positions or leave an open application suitable for your interests and expertise. 

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