Nixu and Sveaskog: A long and deep cybersecurity partnership based on open dialogue

Nature forest
Kina Strid Sundel

Kina Strid Sundel

Key Account Manager

Sveaskog is Sweden's largest forest owner selling sawlogs, pulpwood, and biofuel. Sveaskog, with about 800 employees, also works with land transactions and develops the forest as a venue for nature-based experiences. In 2016, Sveaskog turned to Nixu with the need for IT security expert services, and since then, the companies have worked closely together.

360 degrees of cybersecurity

The cooperation between Nixu and Sveaskog has included security testing, scanning services, architecture designs, information and IT security advisory services, integrations, and migrations.

Sveaskog understands that good cybersecurity requires constant care and attention, and the company has made fundamental changes in critical systems over the past couple of years. These migrations have enabled greater cybersecurity but have also set new requirements. To fully benefit from the investments, Sveaskog knew an external security operations center (SOC) was necessary.

Focus on the security operation center (SOC)

Nixu’s SOC is a specialized facility designed to monitor and defend its clients networks from cyber threats. It is staffed 24/7 by security professionals tasked with detecting, analyzing, and responding to potential threats in real time. The Nixu SOC houses several different technologies, such as intrusion detection systems (IDS), security information and event management (SIEM) tools, and end point detection and response (EDR) systems.

Per Markgren, IT Manager at Sveaskog, says, "Nixu is very engaged and always fast and supportive when help is needed. With SOC, we value highly regular strategic and tactical meetings." His manager, Patrik Karlsson, Chief Digital Officer at Sveaskog, adds, "The SOC also provides valuable insights into our security posture, allowing us to identify areas of improvement and continuously develop effective security policies."

Together towards a cybersecure future

A recently created Cybersecurity Roadmap acts as a baseline for Sveaskog’s required and recommended security actions and guides both Sveaskog and Nixu toward a common goal. “With Nixu’s professional and cybersecurity-passionate people, we know where we’re heading, says Patrik Karlsson, and Per Markgren adds, ”Nixu is both proactive and reactive, which is essential in cybersecurity.”

Kina Strid Sundel, Key Account Manager at Nixu, says, "The long-lasting relationship has made us strong together. We have seen technologies emerge and evolve, people come and go, and the world around us change. With open dialogue and dedicated people, we know how to make things work."



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  • Kina Strid Sundel

    Kina Strid Sundel

    Key Account Manager