Date Title Place Description
August 26 - August 26 Nixu Cyber Coffee on Vulnerability Scanning Virtual event

Vulnerability scanning has always been a foundational component in solid cyber defense. However, tools, approaches and processes have evolved beyond what they used to be. In this webinar, Nixu’s vulnerability scanning expert Quinten Perquin, together with Matti Suominen, explores the role of vulnerability scanning as part of modern cyber defense. Join us to hear about the latest trends as well as what works or doesn’t in practice. Register now» 

September 02 - September 02 Nixu Cyber Coffee on Cybersecurity in Multi-cloud Using Native Capabilities – a case study Virtual event

In our 50-minute webinar, Nixu’s leading cloud expert Teemu Kääriäinen together with Matti Suominen, will talk you through a case example on implementing continuous cloud monitoring and governance within a multi-cloud environment by utilizing native capabilities. Register now »