Whitepaper: Cybersecurity in an industrial environment

Do you already have Plan X?

For most industrial companies, cybersecurity is the necessary evil. Industrial cyber-attacks and data breaches are increasingly in the news - for the consequences that cost a lot of money. Many people in charge of a production plant wonder: What if something goes wrong?

What is your factory’s safety plan? Having a plan B is always a good idea, even if it is something you don't want to resort to – particularly in cybersecurity, where, in theory, plan A should work. Avoid backup plans and implement plan X. The plan X is a clear picture of the actions needed when a cyber-attack hits your company. When you have a plan X, the news on cyber-attacks won’t get your heart bouncing.

Focus on your core competence, not worrying about cybersecurity. Don't wait for plan B; enable plan X.


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