Whitepaper: Cybersecurity exercises expose vulnerabilities in decision-making


Imagine you receive a call from the press:
"Is your network under attack?"
– What will you say?

We prepare for fires: We are given advance warning about a fire drill, and when the fire alarm goes off, everyone exits the building. We all know the signs for emergency exits and the location of assembly points where we are expected to gather. But how does your organization react in the event of a cybersecurity incident? Who does what? Like fires, cybersecurity incidents are something we can prepare for.

To make sure that in a real cyber emergency no panic ensues, cyber events should be prepared for with exercises. Cyber exercises of varying extent can be carried out in all kinds of companies. At their shortest, they may constitute a session lasting a couple of hours, while at their most extensive, an exercise may be spread over several days and take place in a number of locations.

Download our whitepaper to know what a cybersecurity exercise entails in practice, what can be expected from an exercise, what kind of scenarios should be practiced and what does it require from your company.

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