Aleksandr Värä

Aleksandr Värä

Head of IoT

Technology innovations in IoT are here to stay. Connected devices throughout industries enable disruptive business models that deliver value throughout the product life cycle. The term ‘customer experience’ will take on completely new meaning, since it is crucial to create customer stickiness and learn as much as possible from users in order to continuously deliver the highest possible value over time.

As device connectivity is coming to people’s homes, cars, elevators, healthcare products and other sensitive parts of our lives, it is clear that ensuring customer security and privacy is a must. In order to gain customer trust and loyalty, investing in transparency and security is a winning strategy and enables significant differentiation when compared to competitors.

Nixu’s security engineering and secure R&D teams have decades of experience in IoT and connected, embedded devices. Our customers come from a variety of industries, with different business models, technologies and platforms. We enable your innovation by ensuring your success when it comes to securing your intellectual property, your customer data ecosystems and your privacy.

In order to succeed in our mission, we constantly employ the best professionals on the market and provide an environment with new professional challenges to ensure that our team of more than 300 people remains the best and our services are of the highest quality in Europe. Our customers have won prizes in IoT security, which enables us to keep up the good work and support our customers in their innovations.


Nixu Cyber Defense Center

At the core of our Cyber defense service is Nixu Cyber Defense Center where our cybersecurity specialists and systems monitor, contain and remediate security threats on your behalf 24/7. We protect your core processes and people and provide you with ability to detect early and react quickly. Nixu Cyber Defense Center offers return-on-investment tools for non-technical business owners who want to secure the continuity of their trade. It creates value by offering security that your customers trust. Unlike basic security tools such as virus software, we can monitor your whole information ecosystem. Our team hunts for threats, monitors data and alerts from customer environments, and flags anomalies. Our response team leads the investigation whenever there is a recognized threat.

Cybersecurity Roadmap

The changes in your digital working environment may be rapid. However, you can still ensure that you are doing the right things to develop your cybersecurity optimally. We help you to improve the cybersecurity maturity of your organization and plan a roadmap.  This way, you can efficiently plan and prioritize cybersecurity investments. We give you a 360-degree view on your cybersecurity maturity level compared to the international framework and industry best practices.

Verify the Security of Your Application

Rapid deployment of new systems and applications does not mean you have to compromise cybersecurity checks and controls. Nixu’s approach can keep up with the pace of implementation by providing agile testing and reporting in real-time while the deployment is still on-going.  

Through utilizing both state-of-the-art technology and experienced penetration testers, you will see the first results in hours. Nixu’s experts continue to support you during the deployment and will help with the mitigations. From unsure to secured in no time!

IoT Ecosystem Security

IoT devices are becoming smarter by the day. The data gathered from devices is used to make significant business decisions. The ability to trust the data coming from devices as well as fast, secure, and reliable software update delivery is necessary. Our job is to ensure that the integrity of your device components, software, and data is solid. Additionally, we make sure that tampering with your device components or reverse engineering your software functionality will be close to impossible. We will also ensure that your IoT platform can tolerate hostile devices and data poisoning.

For the past decade, Nixu has designed state-of the art security frameworks for connected devices, including low-energy products as well as back end systems, such as IoT platforms. Our solutions include secured communication, PKI, protected device key storage, secured multirole fleet management, as well as other advanced protection and verification services. For device protection, we always utilize the most suitable hardware encryption options, such as trusted execution environments and hardware security modules.

We will help you to design, create, and maintain a secure ecosystem, and enable a better customer experience, all without security trade-offs. We are happy to support our clients to move toward award-winning IoT solutions.

DPO as a Service

Nixu’s Data Protection Officer (DPO) as a Service ensures your organization’s designated DPO has extensive legal, technical and managerial privacy expertise. Your tailored DPO will be accessed through one main contact backed up by a multi-skilled team, guaranteeing availability also during holiday seasons and yearly flu epidemics. The DPO will handle and coordinate expert non-operative GDPR tasks such as contact with authorities, privacy training, DPIA specialist advice, reviews of accountability documentation and managing of data breaches. This specialist service stays up to date with privacy legislation and ensures you have the right items on your organization's privacy steering group.


Security by design

Applying security as part of your design and product development enables your products to be capable of avoiding and withstanding security breaches. Our goal is to tailor a security framework within your existing product development process that meets your industry standards. We utilize known methodologies such as BSIMM, SAMM or Microsoft SDL, which include a variety of security controls and activities such as threat modeling, business impact assessments, code reviews, and more.

Penetration testing

Before launching your product onto the market, it is crucial to test the product for vulnerabilities. Our penetration testing service helps you to verify the security quality of the product, thus minimizing the possibility of a security breach that may affect many of your customers. Nixu’s penetration testing service varies based on your needs, from security assessments based on industry standards all the way to a hacker attack simulation digital and physical. Our professionals will help you to define the right level of penetration testing assignment, based on the relevant threat landscape. Be it a web application or a trusted execution environment, our penetration testers are ready to attack your systems.

Secured Digital Identity

Providing the best customer experience is key to achieving customer intimacy. Our digital identity services enable you to get the most from advanced identity management solutions in order to provide your customers with functionalities such as fleet management without tradeoffs in customer experience, security, or privacy.
The digital identity service includes technology evaluations, implementation, maintenance, and feature development to enable the most secure device management via secured communication.

PSIRT services

For customers with product security teams, Nixu offers coaching services as well as major security incident exercises based on realistic scenarios created through threat modeling exercises and penetration testing activities. Our goal is to ensure that your company has the necessary security controls and practices in place to handle massive security breaches and to minimize the incident impact.


In the modern world, security plays a crucial part in overall product quality. We help you to embed cybersecurity into your DevOps by applying security controls, practices, and security testing technology. We support your journey in incorporating security to DevOps sprints and to your CI/CD pipelines. We will also enable visibility into your product security quality by creating security coverage dashboards that visualize the security state of your product.

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  • Aleksandr Värä

    Aleksandr Värä

    Head of IoT

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