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Joonatan Henriksson

Joonatan Henriksson

Head of Digital Business

We help to ensure that trust, security and business continuity is taken into account in all phases of your digital development:

  • From concept and design
  • to implementation and development
  • and the operation of digital services and platforms

Our cybersecurity professionals help you to analyze the key risks to your business, design secure yet agile development practices and build reliable digital platforms. Therefore you can focus on the essentials - your customer’s needs.

In addition to securing the business processes and applications, we also help our customers to increase customer loyalty and bottom line revenue by enabling better customer experience with digital customer identity, authentication and privacy management.

It has been proven many times, when taking both business and security requirements into account from the very beginning, the reliability and continuity of your digitalized business can be ensured in the most cost-efficient manner.



Nixu Cyber Defense Center

Nixu Cyber Defense Center protects your core processes and people. It offers return-on-investment tools for non-technical business owners who want to secure the continuity of their trade. It creates value by offering security that your customers trust. Our specialists and systems monitor, contain and remediate security threats within your business processes. Unlike basic security tools such as virus software, we can monitor your whole information ecosystem. Our response team leads the investigation whenever there is a recognized threat.

Consent Management as a Service

We help you achieve compliance with the new EU Generic Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) quickly and cost-efficiently. Our Consent Management as a Service enables you to outsource tedious management of consent and GDPR compliance, so you can keep your focus on developing your digital business services. Additionally, our unique experience with digital identity, privacy management, and user authentication helps you harvest the benefits of digital business transformation faster.

Bug Bounty Program

It is often impossible to run a separate security audit for each production release. Most companies have an increasing number of services, applications and components listening to the network and available for partners, customers, employees and virtually to everyone. While this is great for business, the complexity or the exposed systems have gone - or will soon go - through the roof. A bug bounty program can help you manage the complexity in an agile manner - and we can run it for you.

User Data Protection, Privacy and GDPR

We help you to protect your data; in use, in transit or at rest. Whether you gather data directly from the end-users (given data) or indirectly by using profiling tools, sensors and devices (collected data) you must do it in a transparent and privacy ensuring way. When analyzing the collected data, whether on-premise or in cloud, you need to ensure only correct parties have access to it and the results. With the help of our experts in privacy jurisdiction, identity and access management and cloud security, you can be assured that the privacy requirements are taken into account.

Security Assessments

To support your various application and product development models, we offer security verification from traditional web applications assessments to automated vulnerability scanning services and bug bounty programs. Our Security Engineering experts can also help you to assess the required level security and support your developers improving application and product security. This enables you to ensure that security improvement costs are directed where they are most needed.

Fintech Security and PSD2

With us you can be innovative. And secure. New Payment Service Directive, PSD2, is forcing banks to evolve rapidly into open banking. It enables a whole new marketplace for new innovative financial service providers. PSD2 as well as GDPR bring challenges in meeting requirements for risk based security management, continuous security monitoring and incident reporting. With our help, you can focus on innovative services and leave the security requirements to us. We help you in building secure digital platforms as well as making sure you are compliant with both PSD2 and GDPR.

Threat Assessment

How do you know which risks and threats you should look at when developing digital applications and platforms? Using threat modelling best-practices, our experts can help you to understand where you should focus your efforts in order to protect customer data and prevent security breaches. Threat assessment done early on, in the architecture design and planning phase, helps to ensure that necessary privacy and security requirements are met cost-efficiently.

Consumer Digital Identity (CIAM) & B2B Digital Identity

Our unique experience on digital identity management and user authentication helps you to achieve digital business transformation fast. Lousy user experience with passwords is killing many innovative digital services - it doesn’t have to be so. Multitude of gradual user identification and authentication choices are available from Social Media logins to one-time passwords and risk-aware authentication. Authentication linked to a customer’s Digital Identity harnesses the customer data into the use of business.

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  • Joonatan Henriksson

    Joonatan Henriksson

    Head of Digital Business