Trustee Appointed for the Arbitration Proceedings Concerning the Redemption of Minority Shares in Nixu

Nixu Corporation, Stock Exchange Release, August 17, 2023, 7.00 p.m. EET

DNV AS (“DNV”) has on June 16, 2023, commenced redemption proceedings in respect of Nixu Corporation’s (“Nixu”) minority shares by initiating arbitration proceedings in accordance with Chapter 18, Section 3 of the Finnish Companies Act (624/2006, as amended, the “Finnish Companies Act”) in order to obtain ownership of all the issued and outstanding shares in Nixu.

Due to DNV’s application for the above-mentioned arbitration proceedings, the Redemption Committee of the Finland Chamber of Commerce has petitioned the District Court of Länsi-Uusimaa for the appointment of a trustee to supervise the interests of Nixu’s minority shareholders during the redemption process. With its decision given on August 17, 2023, the District Court of Länsi-Uusimaa has appointed Attorney-at-Law Olli Iirola to act as such trustee.

DNV’s notice, as referred to in Chapter 18, Section 5, Subsection 2 of the Finnish Companies Act, is attached to this release and has been published on the website of Nixu. DNV’s notice will also be published in the Official Gazette of Finland (Fi: Virallinen lehti) without delay.

Attachment: DNV’s Notice