Nixu gets to grips with cybersecurity challenges in the industrial internet

Nixu Corporation, Press release, April 16 at 8.10 AM EEST

Nixu is investing in development of cybersecurity services for the internet of things (IoT) by setting up a start-up business unit to accelerate its IoT business. The new business unit, which was established when the corporation’s operating model was refreshed in March 2021, focuses on ensuring the security of IoT products.

The objective of the IoT cybersecurity business unit is to create interesting growth opportunities within IoT product development organizations. At the same time, the unit will underpin Nixu’s vision and effort to offer the best place of work for cybersecurity professionals, as it creates opportunities to work with the latest technologies and business models on a variety of projects related to the internet of things.

Driven by evolving legislation, cybersecurity standards and customer behavior

The accelerating pace of digitalization is significantly affecting entire business sectors, forcing companies to re-evaluate their value chains, business models, and market positions. The process of digital change is exerting particular pressure on the industrial internet segment. Technology vendors are adding connectivity and sensors to their products, while utilizing cloud services to analyze big data masses, resulting in intelligent systems with independent decision-making capabilities. Even conservative projections of the global market value of the industrial internet of things (IIoT) run to hundreds of billions of euros over the next few years.

Connectivity, heterogeneity, and independent decision-making is also a genuine cybersecurity risk, and many parties have already begun taking this into consideration. The adoption of cybersecurity in IoT is further accelerated by global development of regulations and standards that impose security requirements on IoT products and the companies that develop them. In summary, the regulations and standards aim to ensure security, safety and privacy of IoT products throughout their lifecycle, which translates to requirements concerning risk management, secure software development, product resilience, as well as vulnerability & patch management. Conformance with modern standards drive investments in product cybersecurity which requires cybersecurity expertise, a dedicated organization, and novel technology solutions in the sector.

Support for the expanding cybersecurity needs in industry

Nixu provides companies with precisely these resources and services. The IIoT business unit supports its customers – especially their product development organizations – in ensuring product cybersecurity resilience, and that cybersecurity is maintained throughout product lifecycle. The IIoT business unit will enable Nixu to invest more substantially in its IoT cybersecurity service range by offering its customers more extensive cybersecurity consulting services and managed services based on technologies for the IoT field.

“The need for secure and safe products is recognized globally. To ensure successful digitalization, IoT cybersecurity solutions need scale in products that are deployed in technically complex heterogeneous environments, despite the large attack surface that comes with connectivity, complexity and cybercrime developments. That is why we aim to support our customers in their IoT journey through novel, scalable IoT cybersecurity services,” points out Aleksandr Värä, Head of the IIoT Business Unit at Nixu.

“As a cybersecurity company, it is important for us to be able to offer our clients the cybersecurity solutions they need and to help them launch innovative and secure products and services. In line with our strategy, we are investing in this expanding and evolving field where we aim to provide our clients with tailored cybersecurity services, more in-depth expertise, and comprehensive cybersecurity partnerships,” says Petri Kairinen, Nixu’s CEO.

Nixu’s IIoT cybersecurity experts work in all of Nixu’s market areas, serving customers around the world. Nixu aims to expand its IoT cybersecurity business and recruit additional experts from around Europe while further reinforcing its existing IoT cybersecurity teams.

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