Nixu a European cybersecurity company obtained a national Facility Security Clearance

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Press release on 22.8.2017 at 9:00 EET

Nixu a European cybersecurity company obtained a national Facility Security Clearance

The Finnish Defence Forces awarded Nixu with a national Facility Security Clearance (FSC) on August 18, 2017.

Kaariste and Kairinen on August 18, 2018.

Based on the security clearance legislation a national Facility Security Clearance can be awarded to a Finnish company contracting with a public organization when sensitive government information is being processed at the facility. The national FSC certificate is valid for five years.

Nixu obtained the national Facility Security Clearance through a process initiated by the Finnish Defence Forces. FSC is often required as a proof that a company can be trusted to handle sensitive information properly when participating in national or international ventures or submitting a tender. The Finnish Defence Forces will audit Nixu regularly to ensure continuous compliance. The auditing process covers administrative, physical, personnel and information security aspects of a company's operations.

The national safety authority provides the Facility Security Clearance required for the fulfilment of international information security obligations as prescribed in the legislation on international information security obligations. An international clearance is awarded on the basis of the national clearance.

“Nixu’s mission is to keep the digital society running. We pursue this mission by offering a wide range of cybersecurity services to key stakeholders in both the public and the private sectors. Nixu wants to be a true cybersecurity partner for its clients, providing comprehensive services that will allow them to implement new digital services safely, despite the cyber threats. We truly value the certificate as it validates that our working methods are safe and secure and that we are a trustworthy partner for any client dealing with critical information”, says Petri Kairinen, Nixu CEO.

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Nixu Corporation is a cybersecurity company. We work to improve our clients’ cybersecurity in solution areas of Corporate IT, Digital Business and Industrial Internet. Our clients trust Nixu in projects where developing, implementing or assessing of information security is a must. We ensure the confidentiality of our clients' data, business continuity and ease-of-access to digital services through planning and mitigation of cybersecurity risks., and twitter: @nixutigerteam