Nixu carried out an employee share issue directed to its cybersecurity professionals

Nixu Corporation
Press release 12.6.2019 at 10.20 EEST

Nixu Corporation, the European cybersecurity services company, announced on March 27, 2019, the establishment of the All-Employee Matching Share Plan 2019–2021. The plan consists of a directed share issue against payment (Share Issue 1/2019) whereby a maximum of 100,000 new Nixu shares were offered to employees of Nixu and its subsidiaries for a subscription. The subscription price was EUR 12.09 per share and the subscription period ended on May 23, 2019.

The Board of Directors approved a total of 99,071 subscriptions for new shares. Subscriptions were made by a total of 176 employees. All approved subscriptions have been paid according to the terms and conditions of the share issue.

The employees participating in the matching share plan have a right of receiving one matching share free of consideration for each full two New Shares subscribed in the Share Issue (1/2019) after a two-year retention period according to the terms and conditions.

Nixu’s CEO Petri Kairinen commented: “The directed share issue continued our fine tradition of offering all Nixuans opportunity to participate in the company's development also as an owner. The previous personnel share issue was in 2016 and many Nixuans already were owners. We now had an excellent opportunity to offer our growing Nixu team similar opportunities also in Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands. I’m especially happy to note, that over half of our newly joined Danish team wanted to become owners in Nixu”

“In connection with our growth strategy, we want to offer the best place to work for cybersecurity professionals. Nixu’s expertise, competitiveness and growth is built based on our top experts. Determined increase of employee ownership is a way of rewarding our personnel and at the same time get them interested in the growth strategy of Nixu and its financial success – in Nixu everyone can become a partner”, Kairinen continues.

It is estimated that the shares subscribed for in the share issue will be entered into the Trade Register on week 28, at the same time an application will be made for the shares to be admitted to public trading at Nasdaq Helsinki. After the Trade Register entry of the new shares, the number of shares in the company will increase by 99,071 shares to 7,425,219 shares. The total subscription price of EUR 1,197,768.39 will be recorded in the company’s reserve for invested non-restricted equity.

Nixu Corporation

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