European Cybersecurity Month 2021: Cybersecurity awareness has a key role in the fight against cyber threats

Nixu Corporation, Press release on October 4, 2021, at 8.00 AM EEST

To promote the European Cybersecurity Month, Nixu is offering a wide range of cybersecurity tips and learning solutions, including webinars, whitepapers and interactive resources that organizations and individuals can utilize for free.

October marks the European Union’s annual Cybersecurity Month, which provides organizations and individuals with an excellent opportunity to increase their cybersecurity awareness and practical skills. This year, the Cybersecurity Month program focuses on two major themes: Cybersecurity First Aid and Cybersecurity at Home.

Cybersecurity belongs to everyone!

Cybercrime and cyber-attacks have become the new normal as a new attack occurs online every 39 seconds. The coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated the situation and cybercriminals have taken advantage of new opportunities that have been caused by the influx of remote workers and unsecure home office connections.
Lately, problems have particularly arisen from phishing emails and ransomware. According to estimates, over 90% of malware can gain easy access to users’ computers through email. At the same time, the share of serious ransomware has exploded. The most common targets for ransomware attacks are most often the organizations that operate in the critical areas for the functioning of society such as in healthcare, finance, government and retail.
As ransomware attacks can paralyze all functions of a company and cause significant financial damage, it is essential to ensure that sufficient cybersecurity measures are in place and employees receive appropriate cybersecurity training. By doing this, they can identify suspicious emails and other cyber threats. This skill should be maintained with continuous training and sharing of current and topical information on risks. For all organizations, continuous employee training and efforts to increase cybersecurity awareness are the necessary means to protect against cyber threats.
"Most organizations that end up as victims of cybercrime are united by inadequate cybersecurity. However, it should not be forgotten that cybersecurity is much more than just technology. An organization’s cyber resilience can be significantly improved by raising the cybersecurity awareness of management and personnel, identifying the risks in the digital operating environment, and – with the support of a holistic cybersecurity partner – focusing especially on issues that have the greatest impact on the continuity of organization’s operations,” says Petri Kairinen, Nixu CEO.

Keeping the digital society running

Nixu takes part in the European Cybersecurity Month by offering free webinars and various training materials to the public on their website. Cybersecurity Month and other useful awareness resources will also be highlighted across Nixu’s social media channels.
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