AI Challenges Cybersecurity – Nixu Celebrates Future

Nixu, the pioneer of cybersecurity, looks forward to the possibilities of artificial intelligence and the next 30 years working in the field of cybersecurity.

Nixu Corporation press release December 7, 2018 at 8:30 a.m. EET

“All products and services should be secure by default as firewalls and preventive measures will soon be things of the past. Passwords are inconvenient and unreliable, and their reign is now finally over!” Petri Kairinen, CEO at Nixu, points out and continues emphatically, “Cybersecurity regulation is necessary and our only option for creating a safe and secure digital society.”

These and other statements were discussed in a lively debate lead by Kairinen at Nixu’s panel discussion on December 4th in Helsinki. The event celebrated Nixu’s 30-year history and, above all, the future of cybersecurity.


Petri Kairinen
Nixu CEO Petri Kairinen, Futurist Thimon De Jong and Nixu Lead Security Consultant Matti Suominen presented insightful keynote speeches about human behavior, AI and digitalization.

Cybersecurity more important than ever before

“Many companies have already adopted AI into everyday use in their business. In any case, securing these solutions will be one of the main challenges in the coming years,” Kairinen estimates.

The same phenomenon has been witnessed over and over again as technology has advanced. New innovations are followed by a period of rapid development, and security and reliability start playing a key role after the new technology has been established. In fact, cybersecurity will become one of the key challenges for AI.

Cybersecurity activities will go through inevitable changes in the future as well. For Nixu and cybersecurity in particular, it’s only positive that specific tasks can be automated in the future and that cybersecurity professionals are able to focus on issues that can’t be resolved by AI.

Nixu, founded 30 years ago as a one-man company at the laboratory of Helsinki University of Technology, nowadays provides its customers global cybersecurity services and employs over 350 first-rate professionals in Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Romania, and the United States.

”The world has changed, and there’s no going back as society has become more digital and cyber threats have evolved. In these changing times, the core of our thinking at Nixu is that secure digital transformation is possible,” Kairinen sums up.  

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