Kyberhyökkäysten torjunta

eero öster

Eero Öster

Head of Cloud Transformation

Tarjoamme turvaa yritystoimintasi jatkuvuudelle. Entistä digitaalisemmassa maailmassa ei ole kyse siitä hyökätäänkö yritystäsi kohtaan vaan siitä, kuinka usein näin tapahtuu. Jos suojaus on rakennettu pelkästään tietojärjestelmien ja verkkojen ympärille, voi liiketoimintaprosessit ja ihmiset olla haavoittuvampia kuin uskotkaan.

Toisaalta kyberturvan tason ylläpitäminen on vaikeaa ilman jatkuvaa näkyvyyttä uhkakenttään ja ympäristön tapahtumiin. Laadukas tietoturvan tilannekuva nopeuttaa poikkeamien havainnointia ja siten vähentää hyökkääjän aikaa hyväksikäyttää ympäristöäsi. Tarjoamme räätälöityjä ratkaisuja tilannekuvan rakentamiseen ja kyberhyökkäysten torjuntaan.


Nixu Cyber Defense Center

At the core of our Cyber defense service is Nixu Cyber Defense Center where our cybersecurity specialists and systems monitor, contain and remediate security threats on your behalf 24/7. We protect your core processes and people and provide you with ability to detect early and react quickly. Nixu Cyber Defense Center offers return-on-investment tools for non-technical business owners who want to secure the continuity of their trade. It creates value by offering security that your customers trust. Unlike basic security tools such as virus software, we can monitor your whole information ecosystem. Our team hunts for threats, monitors data and alerts from customer environments, and flags anomalies. Our response team leads the investigation whenever there is a recognized threat.

Incident Response

Nixu Incident Response Service takes the responsibility of handling incidents from the point when Customer contacts Nixu to the point where the incident has been resolved and business is back to normal. The objective of the service is to help Nixu’s customers efficiently react and handle security incidents.

Successful incident response starts from the preparation and training of people to identify potential security incidents. A lot of the preparation involves Customer’s personnel and they are also the ones who will see the first signs of security incidents. This is why successful incident handling cannot be completely outsourced. To ensure that Customer and Nixu are prepared to incidents, know how to work together and that Customer’s key persons know how and when to use the service, Nixu’s Incident Response service includes service start-up project.

After the service has been initiated by the customer, Nixu’s Lead Incident Handler takes over leading the incident handling and ensures that Customer’s business is restored back to normal.

Vulnerability Management

Nixu provides vulnerability management capabilities for the company CISO. We will determine your vulnerability level and tell you how resilient your information systems and networks are against common threats. Our experts analyze discovered vulnerabilities and give recommendations how to address them. Our experts keep you posted about current and upcoming vulnerability and attack trends so you can proactively prepare and act on protecting your environments. Nixu translates technical vulnerability data to executive decisions on information security.

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