Conducting IT audit for commercial bank

IT audit
Joonatan Henriksson

Joonatan Henriksson

Head of Digital Business

The Commercial Bank is a leading financial group in the Nordic region. Its operations are represented in a large number of countries around the world, and form part of the quartet that dominates Sweden’s banking operations.

The challenge

The bank needed to introduce proactive monitoring of IT operations in order to avoid down time and to be well prepared for internal audits. The proactive audit we conducted was on one of the bank's most critical, technical platforms.

Our solution

The audit was conducted in the form of a self-assessment and in accordance with a method developed on the basis of the latest ISACA research. To ensure that the monitoring was carried out in accordance with the correct requirement, a breakdown of the bank's internal regulations and PCI-DSS for the platform was implemented.

We produced an audit report containing an up-to-date description of deficiencies in relation to current regulations, as well as recommendations for actions for the deficiencies. The final presentation contained good visualizations for easy illustration of the discovered deficiencies.

Our IT audit was conducted by a team of IT auditors and technical specialists.

Customer benefit

By helping to identify the shortcomings and creating simple and feasible action plans, the customer received good opportunities to implement and prioritize the necessary measures in a structured and efficient manner. The result was minimized risk of unintentional operational interruptions.

This case was conducted by Safeside Solutions AB, now part of Nixu Corporation.


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  • Joonatan Henriksson

    Joonatan Henriksson

    Head of Digital Business

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