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Harri Laakko

Harri Laakko

IAM Sales Manager

Mehiläinen is one of Finland’s largest private social and health care service providers. With over 100 years of experience, Mehiläinen’s 14,000 professionals provide high quality services across the whole country in over 360 units. 

The challenge   

In recent years digitalization has taken significant steps forward, resulting in information security being regarded more as a competitive advantage and enabler. This has put pressure on the conventional way of authenticating by combining usernames and passwords.

Mehiläinen employs thousands of people with different backgrounds and roles operating all over Finland, and data must be available and accessible virtually, from everywhere. As a forerunner in healthcare digitalization and the guardian of large amounts of sensitive data, trust is key for Mehiläinen. Thus, a secure, smooth, flexible, and highly compatible authentication method is of utmost importance. 

Our solution

Nixu’s Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) solution helps Nixu’s long-term client Mehiläinen verify its employees’ identities and secures easy access to any service supporting commonly-known authentication protocols. The solution is designed to be highly compatible, easily deployable, and low maintenance. It scales well for all kinds of businesses but is at its best when dealing with mid-sized companies and large enterprises with numerous users and accounts.

“This has been an amazing experience. We started the cooperation with a pilot and continued developing and tailoring the service in close cooperation with Mehiläinen. Nixu MFA wouldn’t be what it is today without this partnership: Mehiläinen’s experts provided critical feedback during the pilot project,” comments Joosua Santasalo, Senior Consultant at Nixu.

Customer benefit

With the help of Nixu’s MFA service, we have secured the Citrix and Microsoft Office 365 user experience, and we have streamlined Microsoft Office 365 Integrated user enrollment, says Kalle Alppi, CIO at Mehiläinen.


Nixu’s MFA solution provides an extra layer of security, enabling Mehiläinen to reduce the risk of identity theft and data leakage. At the same time, Mehiläinen’s employees all over Finland now have easy access to data without having to deal with login hassles.

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