Nixu Managed CyberSecurityA fusion of security operations that keeps your business protected.

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A Fusion of Security Operations


Having visibility into the security status of your ICT systems makes it a lot more difficult to catch you off guard. Your peace of mind is enabled by relevant and actionable Threat Intelligence.

   Maintain situational awareness on global threat landscape development. Drive informed decisions based on actionable intelligence

   Constantly evaluate and reduce the internal attack surface by asset and Vulnerability Management

   Use Threat modelling to align with organizations’ business and operational goals

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Threat Intelligence as a Service


Continuous Vulnerability Management CVM


Continuous Vulnerability Assessment CVA

Latest Insight Threat Intelligence

How do you ensure that you protect your organization and operate in the current threat landscape?

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Threat Intelligence Infographic

The threat landscape is continuously evolving. Organizations must prove resilient enough to respond to its changes but how do you ensure that you protect your organization and operate securely in the current threat landscape?

Discover our recommendations by the Nixu Threat Intelligence Team.



Establish and maintain 24/7 Security operations capability to efficiently and continuously
detect and investigate threats.

   Maintain a comprehensive detection capability over different ICT domains

   Ensure coverage to all business-critical value streams:

       Application Security Monitoring

       Operational Technology (OT/ICS)

   Combine detection function with automated reaction capability to mitigate anomalies 24/7 without delay

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Security Operations Center (SOC)


Nixu Network Sensor (IDS+)


HAVARO service (in Finland)

Future-Proof Security Operations Whitepaper

In this whitepaper, we discuss why only prevention is not enough in cybersecurity in the future, why it’s essential to continuously develop cybersecurity protection through detection and learning, and move from reactive to proactive cybersecurity. We call this cybersecurity reform

This whitepaper touches on topics such as:

What is the unified future of cybersecurity

Four domains of future-proof security operations

The role of strategy and culture in the cybersecurity reform



You can establish and rehearse your incident response and recovery capabilities or seek support from our digital forensics experts to efficiently handle cybersecurity incidents. Nixu can help by taking the lead in handling incidents due to being experienced in investigating a diverse array of different incidents.

   Build reaction capability to contain and mitigate anomalies with pre-agreed procedures and technical operations

   Plan and practice response scenarios to ensure minimum downtime after major incidents

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Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR)


Threat Hunting – Assignment


Threat Hunting – Advanced (XDR)


Phishing Mitigation


With the support of advanced technological solutions and Nixu’s skilled cybersecurity experts, you can manage your Cybersecurity posture across the Hybrid IT Business Environment.

   Use security tools to prevent malicious events in Endpoints and Networks

   Constantly improve environment resiliency by ensuring existing ICT components are hardened and attack surface is reduced by segmenting

   Use SOC-collected data as a feedback loop to improve protection

    Ensure that Security Posture Management is a cross domain function

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Network Detection and Response (NDR)


Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)


OT Defense


Cloud Security


Microsoft XDR

Nixu represents the future of managed cybersecurity services. We combine cyber intelligence with the best expertise and responsiveness to keep your business protected.

Join our NXT Future-proof Security Operations seminar on May 24th to discuss your organization’s cybersecurity needs further.

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