Reflecting the company’s mission, “we keep the digital society running", the Nixu growth strategy will focus particularly on cybersecurity services for digital business transformation. Nixu is increasingly developing its cybersecurity services that enable clients to leverage the Industrial Internet of Things and use of digital identities in business.

The growth strategy is based on five development areas.

  1. Cybersecurity talent community
    As an expert organization, Nixu’s success in its strategic targets will rely on its ability to retain, recruit and train the best cybersecurity specialists in the business. In addition, the company's reputation must be enhanced among the international cybersecurity community.

  2. Cybersecurity partner for digitalization
    Nixu provides its customers with a holistic variety of services to serve as a long-time cybersecurity partner. New services are being developed specifically to address the security of industrial internet platforms.
  3. Data-driven services on global platforms
    Nixu wants to transition into a digital business model, that it relies on data on shared systems. Not only can the data collected in these systems be used for serving clients, it will also allow the company to develop its operations. Nixu’s services rely on the solutions of global technology partners.
  4. Expanding market presence
    Strategic acquisitions to open new markets are a key factor to expand Nixu's market presence. Acquisitions are financed in a manner that optimizes shareholder value, using either debt or equity. Nixu wants to serve its clients globally, however, its primary network of experts will be established across Europe North of Alps.
  5. Profitable, scalable growth
    Despite its growth investments, Nixu is building its growth to be scalable. As the size of the business grows, relative profitability continues to improve.