Nixu aims to grow profitably and achieve a revenue of at least EUR 100 million and an operating margin of more than 10% by 2025. In addition, Nixu aims to have a more balanced geographical distribution of revenue and a higher share of recurring revenues (previously presented as continuous revenue). These are the objectives of the strategy updated in February 2023, called 'Next Nixu'. In accordance with the new strategy, Nixu is now guided by a new vision statement: We shape the future through cybersecurity for people, business, and society to achieve greatness.

Next Nixu strategy consists of six strategic focus areas. The first three areas are related to business growth, and the latter ones are growth enablers:

1. Focus on core business in Sweden and Finland
Nixu will develop its strong presence in Sweden and Finland by targeting the market with its full service offering.

2. Scale Managed Services business
Nixu will focus on scaling its Managed Services business to increase the number of clients and market share.

3. Expand and accelerate in other countries
Nixu will target new markets, such as Norway, with specific spearhead services to grow its client footprint and eventually scale its business by introducing the full portfolio to the new markets. Most of Nixu’s revenue today comes from Finland, which will continue to be an important market. Nixu aims for even higher growth in other countries, so the geographical distribution of Nixu’s revenue is expected to be more balanced by 2025.

4. Be the best workplace for cybersecurity professionals
Nixu wants to be the best workplace for cybersecurity professionals also in the future, as people are Nixu’s most valuable asset. Nixu will focus on hiring and retaining professionals with a specific focus on attracting young talent.

5. Become the strongest cybersecurity brand – offering best client experience
Nixu will simplify its service portfolio and further develop its client-centricity to meet the clients’ needs even better.

6. Improve operational efficiency
Nixu invests upfront in sales and ways of working to reach its future growth ambitions and improve operational efficiency.

The general business development will be supported by a stronger go-to-market focus and increased investment in service management, enabling Nixu to increase its footprint with existing clients.

The constantly evolving market for cybersecurity services offers Nixu good opportunities to complement the organic growth with inorganic growth. There are many small and mid-sized players in the sector, so continued and accelerated mergers and acquisitions can be expected. Nixu intends to be one of the consolidators moving forward.